Crochet Braids With 100% Kanekalon Marley Hair

100% kanekalon marley hair

 Hi guys,
              I tapped into the Marley Hair spirit again. It's been two weeks since I installed these crochet braids. I was not sure what to make of the style at first. Then my co-workers and church members started telling me how great my hair looked. Those who did not see me for a while thought it was my real hair.  Haha! #YouTube. You have to love YouTube. I learned how to instal these braids on YouTube. Thanks to those ladies who took their time to provide the tutorials. Crochet braids is one of my favorite protective styles. It is so easy to do and maintain.  Keep reading for more pictures and tell me what you think.

Synthetic hair

 Sorry!! My camera broke. I had to use my cellphone. Now you understand why I have a Nikon camera on my wishlist!


Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. Love it and you did a great job. I love crochet braids but it takes a long time to do it by yourself.

  2. I've respect for ladies who do their own hair, cos its tough especially with braids. Love it and you defo did a good job. :-) BEAUTIFUL!!


  3. Awesome :)

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