Cyber Monday: A Laptop + A Credit/Debit Card = Holiday Shopping

             I am just so happy tomorrow is Monday. I think it is the only time of the year some of us finally get to say TGIM ( Thank God It's Monday).  I did not go shopping on Friday because I am against some of the stores opening at 6:00 PM. I think they are taking workers away from their tables, and not letting them enjoy a good meal with their families. But I am ready for Cyber Monday.
             I have three stores in mind so far: Macy's, Sephora, and I am looking forward to 50-70% Off, free shipping and free returns. A 3% cash back or free gifts with my purchase would be great, too. Most of the items on my list are beauty products, scarves, toy for the kids. My husband and I love to give gift cards. You cannot go wrong with gift cards. I am pretty sure he is going to play the We-are-not-giving-each other-gift-this-year card. And I am so ready to play the  I-guess-I will-just-buy-a-gift-for-myself card.There is a Cyber Sunday at my church, too. Every year our pastor reminds us that It is Jesus' Birthday, that we should save the best gift for Jesus. No kidding!

               Anyway, I hope you win our giveaway so you can buy something nice for yourself. 



  1. It's really a good idea to give a gift card!!!
    And..... I think that save the best gift for Jesus is very important!!!!
    Happy sunday girl!

  2. My husband and I resort to gift cards whenever we are having a hard time deciding what to buy. Personally I love gift cards only if I have different shops as options, lol. Most times my gifts cars are from NEXT. I HATE shopping there :-(

  3. Nowadays I think a gift card is a really choice in most cases, as I know exactly what kind of person I buy it for, the person still has the freedom to choose something they are really gonna be happy with. I personally love receiving gift cards too :-) You can use them whenever you want on whatever you want :-) xoxo

  4. The UK have finally grabbed onto this concept of "black friday & cyber monday" but unfortunately i havent found anything!!! Great post! Please check out my blog would really appreciate it :) xxx

  5. I like gift cards, its less hustle! Hehehe... Pastor has a good point. :-)

  6. Thanks for commenting. I definitely will. Kisses.

  7. We should swap husbands sometimes. They have so much in common:-) The kids will be on their toes.

  8. I'm getting gift cards for all of the hubby and I gift cards this year. It is soooo much easier and the kids get to choose stuff they like.


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