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how to shop for health insurance
               Hi guys! My name is Hannah Taylor and I'm honored to guest post here at CHIC FROM HAIR-2-TOE. I run http://www.myclaimsource.com, a website dedicated to offering free health insurance resources and I'd love to talk a bit about tips on how to pick the right insurance plan for you. Snooze fest, I know, sorry! But don't worry, I'll make this quick.

            Many of us do not realize the importance of health insurance until we're at that stage where we actually need it. Having health insurance not only helps us meet our healthcare needs, it also safeguards our finances. Did you know that a lot of bankruptcies filed in the US are caused by hospital and medical bills? Premiums can be expensive, yes, but not having health coverage could cost us a lot more. With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) coming into effect, many Americans are either shopping for health insurance for the first time or looking to switch providers. Selecting a health insurance plan specific to your needs sounds straight-forward enough. But these days, with so many coverage types, policies, and top that with the ever-changing price point, whittling down your choices can be a very confusing affair. Here are some tips on how we can make the no-fun task of choosing a healthcare plan a little easier.

Set a realistic budget you can stick to. Remember, you don't have to get the most expensive plan. If you have no illnesses or medical conditions, consider opting for a less expensive plan. 

Do consider the network of providers included in the plan. Do you have favorite doctors that you would like to continue seeing? Check with them which insurance companies cover their services.

Understand the coverage. Will it include your current needs? Say you have a pre-existing condition, at what point can you use the policy? And what about your future needs? If you plan to start a family soon for example, will the policy cover maternity costs?

Fine print, who reads them, right? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we have to read and understand the clauses, exclusions and limitations of the plan. The good news is, we can always ask questions about anything and everything that stump us. Call an insurance broker, or the company support line.

Compare plans and read reviews. Talk to people, or do some research. You can get free resources at http://www.myclaimsource.com. Check out a growing list of health insurance companies, their contact information, coverage details, and how to's and steps.

Thank you so much for reading. Be safe and stay healthy!

             *Hannah reached out to me about a month ago to write this compelling article for you, guys. While this site is mostly about hair and fashion, we are also concerned about your health and your budget. When I checked out Hannah's website, I was amazed at how resourceful it was. I hope her article helps you find the right insurance plan for your budget.
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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