Hot Links Weekly Roundup 12/14/2013

Hi everyone, 
             I have a few links that I think you will be interested in. YouTube Rewind is here, and it is not what I expected. I think last year's rewind was funnier. Then again it's YouTube, you have to expect the unexpected. 

1-- How to make festive Oreo pops: Here's a fun way to spend time with your kids. I know there would not be any cookies left if I tried to make these with my son. 
2-- 14 Signs You're the Most Awkward Girl at the Party:  I am the kind of person who loves to make fun of myself. I don't take a lot seriously. But there is nothing funny about tripping over on the floor and getting a black eye.
SavingOurStrandsI love the concept behind these creations. You have to check those shoes out. They are amazing. 
4-- The Biggest Fashion Trends Of 2013 Vs. 2003 Check out what was in in 2003, and how some of them have changed over the years. 
5--  21 Knock-Out Beauty Products Hiding At Your Drugstore This list just reminds me of college. 
6--Healthy Hair Moment: Meet Nerline Yep!! yours truly got featured.
7-- YouTube Rewind is here y'all!! Let me know what you think. 



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