Hot Links Weekly Roundup 12/21/2013

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Hi everyone,
         Christmas is only a few days away. I know it is the time to be jolly, but I usually don't do good around Christmas season. It brings bad memories. I have been looking for things to do to keep myself busy and not think about the past. If you need a great laugh, or if you have not tapped into the Christmas Spirit yet, check out these links.

1-- When you want to slap someone: My brother did that to me once and it really hurt, but there was a mosquito sucking the blood out of me for real. But it hurt so much that it would have been better if he had let the damn thing suck me dry. I had such joy when I returned the favor. He did not see it coming.
2--  7 Holiday Shopping Tips for Procrastinators: I don't blame you if you are doing some Christmas shopping today. Between us, you are not the only one. 
3-- 31 New Holiday-Party Hair Ideas: Not sure what to do with your hair for Christmas dinner? Just follow this guide. I am sure you will find a style that frames your face.  
4-- 10 Greatest Christmas TV Specials From Your Childhood: This article takes us back to what TV was like during Christmas in the 60s and 70s . Boy, have things changed!
5--The lonely lipstick: A YouTuber's unique way of saying Happy Holidays to her fans.



  1. Love this:) lol! Don't forget to enter my giveaway sweetie:) it includes wen:)

  2. wow, thanks dear for this tip, i think i'll use 4 eggs when i try it out.

  3. The links are great, love the video, too funny! xo

  4. Nice post dear, I loved the Lonely lipstick video very innovative.

  5. Number 1 had me laughing, and the Lonely Lipstick video was so adorable. It had to have been a ad-stunt by Bobbi Brown. Adorable none the less.

  6. Nice post, thanks for sharing.


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