I Am Featured!! Healthy Hair Moment: Meet Nerline!

Healthy natural hair
Hi guys,

              I was interviewed by Jay Wes from Relaxedthairapy.com. The interview is up and you can check it out here. Speak your mind by leaving a comment on her page, and share the post with your online friends too.
              Thanks for your participation. It is greatly appreciated.

                There are only two days left until the giveaway is over. The winner will be announced on Monday, December 16. You have to enter to win. International members with a valid Paypal account will automatically receive cash. Domestic members have a choice between  an Amazon.com gift card or Paypal cash. One winner!!



  1. Giftcard pretty please x

  2. gitcard =)
    thank you for the opportunity :D

  3. Paypal cash would be far easier for you. Hapapy christmas. I hope this time next year, you're sharing $1000

  4. Paypay ! Thank you for the chance !

  5. Paypal cash because it would be more convenient for you! Thanks for the opportunity :-)


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