Inside My November Vocal Point Box

Hi guys,
           I hope you are having a great week so far. How was your CYBER MONDAY? I did some shopping,  and I cannot wait to share the products with you. Anyway, this Vocal Point box was a complete surprise to me. I was very happy to receive something other than bills in my mailbox. I received it right after I received the Nice n' Easy hair color kit from them. I was completely shocked because I had no idea it was coming. They wanted to surprise me; like it says on the box. They contacted me a week after I received the box to ask me if I received it.Well, duh!!
            They sent me the CLINICAL Strength Clear Gel and  Invisible Solid  deodorants. They also sent me a coupon to get an extra one for free, which I won't be able to use until January 2014, when the product hits the shelves. Both products were completely free. I did not pay for shipping or had to purchase anything. All I had to do was reviewing the product on their site. If you are a mom and you have extra time to hang out online, I suggest that you sign up and come hang out with us. Even if you are not a mom, you can still participate by sharing beauty tips, fashion advice, and DIY projects.

            I  will have a basket filled with goodies for you next time I talk about this product. I promise. I will do a complete product review and host my January giveaway the same day. sign up via email or follow this blog so you don't miss our updates.
vocal point

Secret deodorant invisible solid

secret invisible gel deodorant

Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. My cyber monday was really empty hahaha
    I also use a clinical deodorants, are the best


  2. oh, seems like a great product! :)

    It’s a GIRL

  3. Nice! what did you get on cyber Monday?

  4. I got toys for the kids and a few beauty products. I cannot wait to get them.

  5. Great post - I didn't do Cyber Monday, but how was yours?!

    Like A Harte