I am teaming up with Anna Czarina to bring you this weekly blog challenge where we try to turn words into pictures and express ourselves in the process. It is also a great way to publish your blog and gain exposure. Today's words are Happy, One, and Green.


            Can one choose to be happy?  You can choose to be happy or be miserable for the rest of  your life. The first time I felt truly happy was when I made peace with everything that was happening in my life. I realized that I could not change everything. I used to be so self-conscious, worrying about what other people thought of me and made a big deal about it. It took me a while to realize that I cannot change what other people think about me, but I can change the way I let it affect me. I use all my energy on being happy. I think that every time you let something affect you to the point where you can be happy, you lose power. And I refuse to give power to anything or anyone.


           The number one means different things to different people. For some it means spending the rest of their lives with their one true love.  For others it means being number one at what they do. For me it only means one thing: My family is my number one priority. Family comes first, no matter what.

the color green

                When I hear the word green, the idea of eating healthy and keeping the environment clean comes to mind. The one thing that I love about green is green apples. I hate the color green, but I am all for a safe environment. If going green means that I and the people around me will live longer, I am all for it.

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Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. This is great my dear! I too have chosen to be happy! I believe it is a choice!

  2. I want them all! Great list:)

  3. Amazing post! So great:)


  4. Real motivating and cute concept to come up with I like it. I agree with being happy and the word green.

  5. "Turning words into Pictures"...Nice concept; I like it.


  6. I love love love my SIII! And it takes great pics


  7. Another great Turning words into pictures Nerline! :)

    Love reading the happy bit!

    Anna Czarina

  8. I wish to travel home to Nigeria and spend xmas.
    I wish for a car.
    I wish to win some ( a lot ) of money to further my education and get a job
    I wish to get pregnant with TWINS.
    I wish........................

  9. I want a couple of the same things! A M.K. bag has been on a list for a gift to myself for awhile now and I have been shopping for a new camera like that Nikon recently. Good picks!

    Oh and I LOVE my iPhone. I've had one for over two years and never had a problem with it. Always had issues with my androids tho. So I guess it just depends on what exactly your looking for :)

  10. Happiness is everything and I too have decided to be happy. I defo agree with you..we can't change everything. We make the best out if it and let God. Love this post dear! Have a great week.


  11. Great pictures and not paying for all the apps.