What To Wear To A Cocktail Christmas Party

cocktail party dress
                So there is a cocktail Christmas party,  and you are invited. Now the question is, what do I wear? Chances  are you already have a cocktail dress in your closet. It's probably the dress you wore to the last Christmas party you got invited to. God forbid your nosy neighbor was at the same party. You don't want to wear that!
Things to consider:
  • Budget wisely: If you are going to buy a new dress, make sure it is  a dress that you can wear again next year, either to a wedding  or a different event. 
  • Don't ignore the shoes you already have in your closet. Just because you need a new dress that does not mean you need a new pair of shoes. 
  • Keep the weather in mind. While a floor length gown might be inappropriate for a cocktail party, a mini, see-through dress is not weather appropriate either.
  • Avoid looking like a Christmas tree. Too much embellishments can also ruin your outfit. Maybe we should skip the green & red, although they complement each other.  
            It is so easy when a dress code is provided with the invitation.  This way you have an idea what the host expects you to wear. If not,  you can't go wrong with a black cocktail dress. Remember PRETTY WOMAN

            How are you celebrating Christmas this year?



  1. that's awesome, thanks for suggestion. :)

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  2. That dress is GORGE!

    KLP | www.SavingOurStrands.com

  3. Wow... super chic combo!!!!

    Kisses super fashion girl!

  4. Very stylish and elegant ensemble...Love it!


  5. I can definitely rock this!

  6. Loved this post :)

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  7. Love the dress you picked out! I always go with a LBD when I can't make up my mind on what to wear.

    Sex w. Candy

  8. Love the black dress, I like the tip that you have given to avoid looking like a x-mas tree.


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