2013 Hair: The Good's And The Bad's

               2013 is gone, forget about it. 2015 is not promised, ignore it. 2014 is here, enjoy it. My hair has been through ups and downs since I cut it all off back in 2012. The beginning of my journey was great until I started using heat on my 4c natural hair. Wearing some protective styles for a long time did not help solve my problems either. They say that experience is the best teacher;  Lord, have I learned my lessons!

Let's take a look back at 2013 in hairstyles and hair products

The Good: Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie Conditioning Balm 
This conditioner was a God-sent. My hair loved it. It has a good slip and it leaves the hair soft and manageable.

This shampoo left my hair so dry every time I used it. Sometimes I had to mix it up with the conditioner to be able to use it on my hair. No good! Don't buy it.

The Ugly: Excessive Shedding: I experienced the worst shedding period in my natural hair journey a month ago. I am sure it was the result of a bad shampoo. I had to quickly return to my first love to get my hair back on track.

The BestBlack tea for shedding. When I experienced my little shedding episode, I had to go to Costco right away and stocked up on black tea. I love all natural remedies, and this Luzianne Black Tea did not disappoint. 

The Good: Jamaican black castor oil is my 3-in-1 oil. It is my sealer, my moisturizer, and my scalp healer. I use it on my scalp for hair growth and shedding, in my Shea butter mix when I need a creamy moisturizer, and I use it to seal my ends after moisturizing them with water.

The bad: Wash and  Go's. Do I need to say more!  Wash and go's are Oh no-no's for me. 

The Good: 100% Kanekalon hair. While it is the least expensive hair that I have ever used, the number of hairstyles that I can create with this synthetic hair is endless. I will not use it for a long-term protective style, but for a hairstyle that's going to last me a week or so, this hair is my little helper.

The Bad: Braid-outs. If there's is a product that can make a braid-out on 4c hair last longer than one hour, please let me know. I will buy it on the spot. My braid-outs turn into Afros in a matter of minutes. I love the style, but I cannot get my hair to love it. 

The Ultimate Bad:Using heat without a heat protector. Excuse my French, but this bad is the baddest of all bads. You know what's worse than that? Getting a sew-in without doing a protein treatment on that hair. I experienced heat damage, breaking, and shedding. If you have been wondering what the worse thing is that you can do to your hair, this is it. 
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  3. I really need to try kanekelon hair.

  4. Using heat with out heat protector is one of the fearsome hair sin, I have done it and paying it by split ends :(

  5. I'm still yet to try castor oil and black tea. This reminds me I need to try it out.
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