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 Hello everyone, 
             I want to share with you my shopping experience with FIRMOO.COM today. I first heard about their website via Diana Ashuayem. I hope I spelled the name corretly. I actually won a giveaway that she was hosting on her blog,  Firmoo is an online store that sells a variety of eye-wear, including prescription eyeglasses. After spending hours trying to find the right pair of prescription eyeglasses, I finally set my eyes on the pair pictured above, and below. I was so nervous about them getting my prescription right. Thankfully eveything came out right. 

The website:
  • Easy to navigate
  • Clear and easy options
  • Fast and easy checkout
  • Fast photo up-loader
  • Affordable choices
My shopping experience:
  • Reasonable shipping time
  • Excellent packaging
  • Great quality products
  • Easy return options
  • Excellent service overall

The bottom line:
               I have been wearing glasses since I was in college. I have worn brands from Max Mara to Giorgio Armani, but I have never owned a pair of eyeglasses that I was comfortable enough to wear in public. I always thought that glasses made me look like an old lady. I only wore my glasses
to drive and watch TV. But now, I can see myself wearing my prescription eyeglasses everyday.
               I ended up paying $6.95 for shipping only because I used the First pair free option.  The glasses were well-packaged when they arrived. I received a hard case, a microfiber cloth to clean them, another case made with cloth materials, and an eye-wear screwdriver. My overall experience was good. I am happy with my purchase,  and my prescription was right on point. I am sure I will use their site again.

                           Have you tried before?



  1. Ha ha ha you spelled it correctly! I'm happy you had a good shipping experience and sorry for the extra cost. They are a perfect fit by the way.

  2. You cannot go wrong with Firmoo glasses and there services great job on the post.

  3. I got one of their glasses as well and really like it. Though the glasses turned out a bit big for my head, I wear them constantly.

  4. I am so in love with the green coffee beans Uzo.

  5. Thanks, hun! I wish that I could take credits for the hair.

  6. Suits you perfectly. PS: Is that your hair??? It's really long and gorgeous if it is :-)

  7. Looks great on you:)

  8. i am also on a weight loss journey ( i've currently lost about 10 pounds ,thanks to my work out routine every morning) If i were to choose i would take the green coffee bean . Lovely post dear . thanks for sharing this review.

  9. i have been reading so many good reviews about this brand.
    you look very chic with the glass.
    p.s your hair looks very healthy and lovely.


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