The Things That I Am Grateful For

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             You think a topic like this would be so easy to write about since I am grateful for so many things in my life, but it isn't. I am not sure if I should start with the big things or the small things. The question is, what are the small things? How do you measure what is big or small. Sometimes I think the simple fact of measuring or categorizing things is ungrateful. We all want things. I hear my kids say all the time mommy I want this, mommy I want that, but most of the time they forget to say  "thank you" once they get it. I am grateful for being alive, and I thank God for that.
             Some of us go through life asking for things. We ask for a raise, a promotion, respect, love,  shelter......the list goes on. We want more! We want more! We want more!  Sometimes not being grateful for what we already have is the very reason why we are not getting more. When you are grateful for what you already have,  you take care of it. You take pride in it. You treasure it. You give thanks. You leave no room for ungratefulness. When you do that, the One who is responsible to give you ALL things, will give you more because  He sees how you appreciate what you already have.  How do you expect to get promoted if you always show up late for work, you half-complete your assignment, you don't respect company's rules!  How do you expect to get promoted acting like that? Nobody would promote you. I know I wouldn't! 
               I am grateful for both the small things and the big things in my life. Being healthy is a big thing for me. So I wake up every morning thanking God for my health. I do everything I can to stay healthy because it is important not only to me, but also my family. I am very careful about what I put in my body. It would not make sense to ask God for great health when I am doing everything I can to destroy every organ in my body. There are other big things in my life that I am grateful for, like having a job, being able to have children, having a great partner, friends, and so much more.  I am also grateful for the small things in my life, like my laptop, my car, my cellphone....the things I can easily replace if I have a job. I am grateful for life because where there is life, there is hope.

                                         What are you grateful for today?

Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

Nerline Germain is an auntie, sister, wife and mother. My passion for writing led me to create this little space. I mostly write beauty related articles, but this is also a lifestyle blog. My goal is to share my experiences with you. Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes:-) Contact: chicfromhair2toe@gmail.com. .


  1. And thanks for this post, dear, because you let me stopping for a while and think abut my life, too!


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  2. Wonderful words Nerline... it's always a pleasure to read your posts!!!!!

    Happy sunday doll!!!

  3. I'm grateful for being healthy, I thank God every day for a new day. Like you said "where there is life, there is hope"

  4. am very grateful for being alive and healthy.

  5. very cool post! Always good to be greatful. xx Ps- let me know if you would like to follow each other!!! haemeandrobecca.blogpsot.com

  6. Such a beautiful post. So many pray for the things we take for granted. Thanks you for sharing.


  7. we are really blessed to have everything we have now. Love the post.

  8. Love this post. It's always good to stop, take a breather and just be grateful for all the amazing things (big or small) that are happening in our lives.

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