Hot Links Weekly Roundup 2/1/2014

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Happy Saturday everybody, 
                I cannot believe it is February already. After what happened in Georgia with the snow and everything, I cannot wait for Spring to get here. Hot links weekly roundup is all about hair today. I have 7 links for you below because my son  was born in 2007 and he is turning 7 tomorrow. Yep, we watched the Super bowl in the hospital on February 4, 2007 because I had a C-section. I remember how we were cracking jokes about the two black coaches while I was on the operating table. Ahh, All the memories we wish we could live again!

               I don't understand why anybody would want to wear wet hair during the winter.  I guess you can get the look without catching a gold nowadays. Follow the link for more info. 

             Trimming your hair may not be as simple as you think, especially when you opt do it on your own. 

            This is one of my favorite articles. Tea rinses have been a God-sent for me. No more shedding!

              It's always good to  get free advice from an expert. You just might learn something new.

              I tried that stuff on my hair before, and I could not stand it. Maybe a good recipe was all I needed.
Cayenne Pepper As A Hair Growth Aid?

               Win your battle against Winter dry hair by following these simple tips.  

               Do you treat your hair the way you treat your skin? That's what I've been doing lately. Learn how you can protect both your skin and your hair this winter.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. Oh my, so happy you posted this! I am growing my hair out so that I can dye it for summer, and the ends do get really dry. Thanks for posting, it helps. :))



  2. Yeah Nerline, I'm so tired of the Winter already too and can not wait for Spring to get here. Happy birthday to your son and Congratulations.

  3. awww thank you so much for the link.
    happy birthday to your son.