Hot Links Weekly Roundup 2/15/2014

Hi guys,
       It is Saturday again, and I have a few links for you. Check these links out if you have a few minutes. It is a great way to connect with different blogs and learn something new.

{1} Bored of the Basic Blowout? Then Try the 'Heart Braid' for Valentine's Day
For those of you who are still celebrating Valentine's day, this video tutorial is so easy to do. Check it out, and you can thank me later. 

{2}  5 Fashion Week Hair Tricks You Can Use Every Day
Some of the best hairstyles have been spotted on the runways. Learn how you can get your own supermodel hair at home. 
{3}  Fitness Fridays | How I Learned Not To Give Up On Myself
A few months ago, Courtnea mentioned how she lost 30 lbs and had kept it off. I think about her every time I see white bread or a slice of pizza. Check out her inspiring story if you are looking for motivation on your weight loss journey. 

{4}  The Best Hair Dryers
 Not all hair dryers are created equal. Finding the right one can be a headache sometimes. Get a little help from the experts.

{5}  5 Easy Makeup Tips To Take You From Daytime To Date Night
I am such a novice when it comes to makeup. These quick and simple tips were created for girls like me. So simple and right on point! 

And finally......

{6} 5 Signs Indicating You Have Low porosity Hair.
I just experienced the driest hair period since I started my hair journey. My hair porosity was low and I was not sure what to do about it. This site is one of the sites that helped me during that period.

These are all the links that I have for you. Don't forget to enter my giveaway! 

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Nerline Germain

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  1. Been reading through reviews to help in my decision to buy a hair dryer. Timely post!

  2. The heart braid is super cute! If only I had straight hair haha. I'm in the market for a new blow dryer since my last one magically grew legs and walked away. Thanks for the links :)

    The Style Boro

  3. Wow looks amazing.

    x Lori