Is Our Brain The Key To Our Weight Loss Success?

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                     Babe and I have been eating out a little bit more than usual lately. We have been enjoying each other's company more. I guess it is because we both realized that we have been taking each other for granted. So, we try to go out every Wednesday on his day off to do something together while the kids are in school. Most of the time that thing is eating out, and that can be a problem for someone who is trying to lose 11 pounds by June 25th. I think my brain is getting used to the idea that I am on a diet, because I have been making smart choices when we go out to eat.

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                  I try to eat more meats and veggies when we go to our favorite Chinese buffet. The food is so good that I want to eat all the fried food in sight, but my brain is already used to my new lifestyle, and it is great at telling me what to stay away from. I  even substitute juice or soda for water with lemon every time we eat out.

                  Babe was shocked when I only ordered 6 oz. of steak when we went out to dinner at Longhorn Steak House for his birthday. My meat was so small that he gave me some of his full-rack pork ribs. Again, my brain reminded me that I was watching what I was eating. I even skipped the buttered wheat bread that we got as appetizer. 

              So now, whenever we eat out, I make sure that I eat more salads than I eat bread sticks or croutons. Not eating the bread sticks is a little hard for me when we eat at Olive Garden. So I eat the salads, followed by the main course, and if there is any room left, I try the bread sticks. 

              I was watching the Doctors a few weeks, and Dr. Travis told his audience that the key to their weight loss is their brain. I was jumping out of my chair when I heard that because it is so true. It takes our brain two weeks to get adapted to any new routine. Well, it takes longer for some people, because hubby cannot stick to any diet that involves eating small portions. My relationship with food has not been the best, but the moment I realized what my problem was, I started taking steps to fix it. Eating out is not the problem, not being able to focus on our goal is. I guess it's true when they say we can do anything if we set our mind to it.  

How is your relationship with food? Do you think it's true that our brain is the key to losing weight?
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. Even I am trying to lose weight, I skip dessert when I eat out and try to fill my self with salad and then go for other stuffs.

  2. I am really pleased you are off those weightloss pills and doing it the 'hard' way. Good job!

  3. What a great post and so true. It's hard enoguh to make time, finding the right thing to do or watching your diet doesn't come easy. My husband and I make sure to go together to the gym for about 2x a week at least. That's sorta our date-night....at least we won't spend it with more eating :)


  4. This is such an interesting post. Thanks for sharing

  5. Eating out can be hard at times, so when I eat at restaurants, I try to sub sides like mashed potatoes or fries for veggies I love like Broccoli, peas or corn.

  6. Keep goin gurl!

    x Lori

  7. You go girl!!!! Yes I actually do believe that out brain is the key, not just to loosing weight, but to everything. As you already said, the problem is that we often can't focus on our goal, that we got sidetracked, so to speak. And if so, afterwards we feel bad, which makes it even worse. Anyway I am sure you'll get where you want to!!! My relationship with food? well to be honest there ain't any. I am not much interested in food, e.g. I don't like sweets, i don't like ice cream, I don't like cakes, dessert, I don't like sugar at all, I love salads. I do like fast food, but that's because I can't cook, lol. Gee I've already written a book today. Oh and I like pasta :-)

  8. You're really doing well with this healthy eating sis. Way to go - You're now my inspiration. :-)


  9. Awesome post! I think you're absolutely right about our brain being the key to weight loss. Mind over matter.