DIY Friday: How I Clean My Coach Madison Graphic Op Art Metallic Maggie Bag

My Coach Madison Graphic Op Art Metallic Maggie Bag
                    So, when  the Coach Madison collection first came out, I told my husband that I wanted one. He went to the mall three Christmases ago and bought one for me. I was so excited, I literally jumped out of my chair when he surprised me with this bag. I understood why he would spend so much on a bag for me -- because he loves me, of course! How somebody managed to get this beautiful bag so dirty is what I don't understand. #GuiltyConcious.

Coach Madison Graphic Op Art Metallic Maggie Bag

Are you ready for the before and after pictures?

I did not get a factory reset, but my bag is pretty clean again. I would say that the Irish Spring soap works really good. what do you think?



  1. The bag came out great, thankfully it did, so you didn't have to get a new one!! Very cool :) I hope you have a great Friday xx

  2. You did a great job with it. Looks like new to me.

  3. Aside from its nice fragrance, Irish Spring soap definitely has a lot of uses...:-). That is a very pretty bag.

  4. That's amazing honey! But first that bag is GORGEOUS! I tried to clean a bag of similar material but to no avail, those darn stains are still on my bag. Maybe I should buy thse Irish soap and have another go. Thx for the tip sweetie.
    By the way the date was great ;-)

  5. I am finding great tips on your blog, so glad I am following via Bloglovin. Thanks.

  6. The bag is really nice and clean as well ;)

    xx Lori

  7. Awesome, you have explained it so well.

  8. Looks brand new again. I was once obsessed with Coach. This bag is really cute!

  9. Good tips! I always prefer to buy dark color bags because I never know how to clean them or am too lazy to do it myself.. :)

  10. Wow its so clean! thanks for sharing.

  11. very pretty bag! adore it!

    thanks for tip, I hope I'll never need but it's definitely needful

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