Hot Links Weekly Roundup 3/1/2014

Hot Links Weekly Roundup 3/1/2014

Hi guys, 
                    Welcome to another hot links Saturday, where we gather some of the most informative links on the web and share them with you in one short post. Today is March 1st, yey! We are getting closer to Spring! I think we have been through enough storms this year. We all deserve a Spring break.

{1}  Weaves 101: My Journey With Faux Hair: Have you ever felt that your hair is just not big enough? I am so used to wearing weaves that I don't think my natural hair is big enough. I always need that extra piece to make it look fuller and bigger. How young is too young for tracks? Read the story to find out. 

SavingOurStrands{2}  This Might Be My Very Favorite Hair and Makeup Look of Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week and it's Not Over Yet:   Admit it, your head was not made for all hair styles, but some of them you just cannot resist. The messy milkmaid braid is one of them. I just might try it this coming Friday. Who knows? It might just work for me.

{3} Hot Hair: Fro Fashion Week: Did you know there was a fashion week for naturals only? No? Me neither. And it happened here in Atlanta. A $125 ticket gave ladies with naturally curly hair  access to all things natural hair related, from the big chop all the way to long dread locks. 
{4}  10 Easy DIY Ways To Upgrade Your Denim: Got faded jeans? Don't throw them away! There are tones of things you can do with them. 

And finally........

{5} The 28 Most Frequently Mispronounced Fashion and Beauty Words: Well, from what I read, I can tell that even the writer does not know how to pronounce some of these words.
DÉCOLLETAGE (day-cole-ay-taj)
Day-cull-taj is the right pronunciation. 
                These are all the links that I have for you. Enter our giveaway to win free stuff




  1. I am totally with you, I for sure have enough of those storms! Thx for the links honey.
    Happy Weekend to you

  2. Lovely links!! Thanks for sharing.


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