Wash Day Experience: Co-Washing My Hair With Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Hello Hair Lovers, 
                  I always look forward to Wash Day because it is the day when I pay more attention to my hair, another excuse to touch it none-stop #IloveMyHair. I co-wash my hair every Tuesday now. For those of you who are not familiar with the term co-wash, Co-washing your hair means washing it with CONDITIONER only. Whenever you feel the need to wash your hair, and you don't feel like using shampoo because your hair is not really dirty, co-washing is the best way to go. I also wash my hair every Saturday, and clarify it as needed once a month.

The wash day experience

{1} Co-washed with Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner: Using an inexpensive conditioner when co-washing my hair is a great way for me to save money because I use a lot. I also use this conditioner to detangle my hair. 

The Wash Day Experience{2} Drying my hair with a T-shirt works for me because it causes less fiction and helps retain moisture. 

{3} I love to moisturize my hair with Scurl No Drip Activator moisturizer. It softens my hair and makes it easier for me to put it in a bun. 

{4} Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds extra moisture to the hair. I also use it to temporarily seal my ends.

{5} Nothing works better than  Cantu Shea Butter for my twist-outs.
Pros & Cons
              I usually use African Shea butter mixed with Jamaican Black Castor Oil to seal my ends. Because my mix was nowhere to be found, I had to use extra virgin olive oil, which I know does not really seal my ends. I had to moisturize and seal my ends again later that day. That was my only problem. Other than that, the whole experience was great.  

How was your wash day experience?



  1. Now you now olive oil does not seal but it did give a nice shine.

  2. Ooh, your hair looks so soft, Nerline! I'm like you-- I love wash day, because I get to really play in my hair lol. I can't wait to co-wash soon. And I love how moisturizing the s-curl activator moisturizer is.

  3. oh, i should try the olive oil. thanks for the tips :)

    It’s a GIRL

  4. Great tips honey. I never heard the term before. Cool!
    kisses honey

  5. I never realized what I've been doing all along is called co-washing. I guess I co-wash Wednesdays and Fridays. Less is better for my curls I find :)


  6. I am sure you style it the way that suits you the best. I want to try that Pantene.

  7. I like evoo for mixing in my conditioner or GHE but not as much for sealing.

  8. did u blow dry ur hair in d pic? it looks very stretched and nice

  9. No, babe! It was in jumbo twists after the wash. It took a lot of finger detangling and brushing. Kisses!

  10. Defiantly going to try the olive oil never knew it was good for you hair
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  11. your hair keeps looking very healthy.
    keep it up.


  12. You take such good care of your hair. I co-wash every week with Pantene Co-wash and once per month with Tresemme Naturals lower sulfate nourishing shampoo to deep clean. I always use Cantu Leave in conditioner after every wash. To define my curls I use Eden All natural curl defining creme. I keep my hair very short because I suck at styling.


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