Washing My Hair With Belegenza Shampoo And Cleanser

             My hair was in need of a deep cleanse last week. So, I went all the way and did more to it than I usually do. I am not  a big shampoo fan, but there are days when my hair begs to be shampooed. You know those days when your hair is sticky, your scalp is itchy, and there is absolutely nothing you can do but grabbing the nearest shampoo bottle in sight.

The wash day experience

Detangling: I used Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner to detangle my hair. Finger detangling was a safe option for me since I had to fight with some unwanted knots.

Shampooing: It was my first time using Belegenza Shampoo & Cleanser. I think I used a little more than I should, but it was because it was one of those shampoos that you have to use a lot of to get a good lather. I mixed the shampoo with a little bit of water, which made easy distribution to my scalp possible.

Oil Treatment: Queen Helen Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment was used to replace all the oil that left my hair after shampooing.

Deep Conditioning: I used the Romance Deep Conditioning Cream by Belegenza to deep condition my hair. It was my first time using it also. I put a plastic cap on after applying it, followed by my Hot Head Microwaveable Deep Conditioning Cap.

Moisturizing and Sealing: I think I got more moisture than I bargained for. I love to focus on putting the moisture back in my hair every time I use shampoo or a protein treatment. Since my hair was 80% air dry, I used my Haitian Black Castor Oil to seal the moisture in, and added Hollywood Beauty Carrot Cream for more moisture.

The Wash Day Experience
Like (s) and Dislike (s)
        The shampoo is not moisturizing enough for my hair type, but the deep cleansing experience was superb. I was left with very clean scalp after using it. The hot oil and the deep conditioning treatments were right on. My hair was happy 3 hours later. Look at my messy up-do if you think I am lying.
                      How was your wash day experience?
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. I usually wasj hair three times at week, but it depends about how often I go to the gym!


    Page Bonjourchiara

  2. Haha messy up do. lol. Like ur hairstructure tho.
    Hmm.. i need an shampoo that is a very good moisturer.
    Do you have any tips?

    xx Lori

  3. Excellent overview. Do you like Haitian better than Jamaican Castor? I love when I get loads of moisture from my deep conditioning efforts.

  4. Oh wow, hmm how unfortunate but at least the deep conditioning helped.


  5. Sounds like a great product! I use Fekkai and I love it :)



  6. I have the Jojoba Hot oil and use it when my ends are really dry. Products sound good. :))

    Much Love,


  7. I like tresseme conditioners they are good and affordable.

  8. Sounds like a good treatment, the deep conditioning inspires me! xo

  9. There's nothing like the feeling of a clean scalp! I hate that the shampoo wasn't as moisturizing as you liked, though. At least the deep conditioning was on point :) Loved reading your update!

  10. yes exactley. Usually on Monday, Wednesday and Friday! But I told you it depends about sports. After any training I have to wash my hairs!

  11. I love Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie. Good stuff!!

  12. I love Haitian Black castor oil better, jay! I think it is thicker than JBCO.

  13. Ohhhh! That Belegenza conditioner sounds wonderful. I can't wait for the review! Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!


  14. I will definetely check this out. Thnk u xx