Washing My Hair With Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie Hydrating Shampoo

 Hello Everyone,
                 Wednesday is the day when I share my wash day experience with you. I want to think the beautiful KLP from savingourstrands.com, who trusted me enough to let me co-host this
link-up. It is very easy to join. Just wash your hair, write a post explaining your process, then add the link to your post below. It's as simple as that! I always have a blast when I wash my hair. It is such a wonderful experience; and sharing it with you makes it even more wonderful, because hubby has no idea what single strand knots are.

{1} I detangled my hair using Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner with Vitamin E. I love this conditioner because it makes my hair soft.

{2} I rinsed out the conditioner and shampooed my hair with Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie hydrating shampoo. I love this shampoo because it is the only shampoo that agrees with my hair type so far.

{3} I added a little bit of Organics Hair Mayonnaise to my ends because they needed a mild protein treatment. 

{4} My first oil rinse was done using glycerine oil. I let the oil sit on my hair for 15 minutes under a plastic cap before rinsing it out.

{5} I conditioned my hair using my Tresemme conditioner, which I love so much because it makes it easy for me to comb my hair using a wide tooth comb.

{6} I moisturized my hair with Care Free Curl Gold Instant Activator. This product is supposed to  activate the curls and moisturize the hair at the same time, but (it ain't no Scurl). I love my Scurl Activator Moisturizer. There's none like it.

{7}  I sealed my hair with my EVOO and Haitian Black Castor  Oil mix.

How was my wash day experience? 
             This Care free Curl Gold Instant Activator was not for me. It was my second time using it, and I got the same result both times: It sits on top of my hair. Needless to say that no curls got activated. It had nothing to do with low porosity. My hair just does not like it. I will probably use it on a client with 3a or 3b hair type. Other than that, my experience was great.

The Wash Day Experience
How was your wash day experience?



  1. Wow doll! Thanks for the review! Definitely will not use it <3

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  2. Awesome review very detail and helpful thanks doll.

  3. Love the hair style! My hair dislikes the Care free Curl Gold Instant Activator too!


  4. I love Matrix Biolage Shampoo too! Isn't the scent fantastic! Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!


  5. I love Tresemme Conditioner it makes my hair so so ft as well.

  6. nice, seems like a great product to try!

    It’s a GIRL

  7. great review.
    love tresemme conditioner.


  8. Amiga esses produtos são ótimo amei a resenha.
    Blog: http://arrasandonobatomvermelho.blogspot.com.br
    Canal de youtube: http://www.youtube.com/NekitaReis

  9. Lovely review sis. :-)


  10. Great wash day experience. Care free curl works for me.

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  12. You have a detailed hair care routine

  13. When I saw the Care Free Curl bottle, I was definitely gonna ask you how you thought it stacked up to S-Curl. I see there truly is nothing like the S-Curl!!! I grabbed it up a few years back thinking I could replace S-Curl with that (because I couldn't find any that day) and boy was I wrong!

    I'd love to hear more about your haitian black castor oil mix :)

  14. I loved the old SCurl but the new formula doesn't work well my scalp. The old formula is the truth. So yeah, I agree, there's none like SCurl.


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