Fitness Friday: Let The Music Move Your Feet

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             Exercising can be fun, but actually getting out of bed some mornings to get started can be a challenge. I always wake up with one zillion things to do in the morning; prioritizing is not my cup of tea....or coffee.  My phone is good at reminding me of what I have to do for the day, but I always put it aside after the first reminder. But once I get up, open PANDORA on my phone, set my station to Club/Dance Radio, I am ready to go.


             If you love to dance, this is the best exercise for your lifestyle. Some people lose more weight dancing than they do walking. For example, you will never see my husband break a sweat when he is walking, no matter what the pace is. But if you put him on a dance floor, he will sweat bullets before the first song is over. Dancing works for me during the Winter because I don't have to leave the house. The Club/Dance station plays all the songs that you would normally hear  at the clubs. Each song encourages me to work out more. These songs get me moving and they keep my heart rate up. When I say moving I mean Shaun T's  hip hop abs, and Zumba's butt lifting moving. 

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Fitness Friday
              I kind of look like this after I am done dancing for an hour, all sweaty and happy that the workout is over. I usually burn 400 to 600 calories. God, I love to burn my breakfast! That's what keeps me going. Knowing that I am working toward my goal of feeling my best self. I was 132 lbs when I met my husband. I still keep the dress that I first danced with him in. I hope to dance with him in that dress again. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to do it this year.

             Now tell me, what is your favorite workout routine, and how do you stay motivated?  

Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. Love to dance as well! But I do also work out walking and staying outdoor. Happy Weekend! xo

  2. There ain't nothing like good ole Pandora to get your feet moving! You're gonna dance your way right back into that dress Nerline!

    Thanks for being a part of the #FitnessFriday movement chica!

  3. Great job Nerline... I love to dance!!!!
    Happy friday hun, a lot of kisses!!!

  4. I do walk once in a while. It is one of the best workout because you get to be one with nature.

  5. I love that you have that first dress, that's an amazing memento to have and great motivator as well. Great post, I always say I was thin in college because of all the partying/dancing I did. Not because I was taking care of myself, lol!

  6. I love a dance exercise and like you said, you can do it in the comfort of your home.


  7. I never thought of dancing as a workout, that's one great idea honey. And much better than anything one does at home. Well I mostly walk.
    Happy Friday darling

  8. Crossing fingers that you'll be able to wear that dress again ... on the route you're taking it won't be long :)

  9. Awww I love that you kept the dress and yes you will wear it again rooting for you! I love dance workouts too they are so much fun.

  10. Be sure to tAke a picture and share with us when you fit into the dress......soon ;-)