Style Me Tuesday Linkup: Date Night Or Office Party?

Hello Everyone,
         As you can see this is a new link-up. I have been invited to different link-ups lately, but I have not seen one about fashion yet, at least not in my little community. I have seen collaborations and blogger features, but not link-ups.
Every time we get invited to an event, most of us feel like Eve, "We have nothing to wear." It's not because we don't have anything to wear, it is because every time we try something on, it does not look right, or our closets are not organized. I was thinking about a way to save the outfits that I look the best in so that I could just walk into my closet and pull all the pieces out next time I am going out or to church, and Pinterest came to mind. I created a board on pinterest called my closet, where I will post the outfits that you help me create on this blog. Every Tuesday I will style  a garment from my closet and you will tell me which accessories go best with it. Then I will post the outfit with the most votes on my pinterest board.


Dress: Alex Marie
Accessories #2
Shoes: Chadwick's Purse:  Dooney & Burke
Accessories #1
Shoes: Audrey Brooke Purse: Liz Claiborne Others: Gifted

Accessories #1 or #2? 

          This is also a LINK-UP. You are welcome to post your outfit of the day, outfit of the day before, or your little creations. Just add your link, okay! It is a great way to meet new bloggers and enlarge our community. The rules are simple: Your links should be fashion/outfit related only. No giveaways please.



  1. Elegant dress niece items you going to look stunning.

  2. oh, so beautiful... that's perfect for the office and for a date-night-out!

    It’s a GIRL

  3. These are gorgeous, love the choices. Thank you for the link-up that is so nice. I hope you have a great day doll xx

  4. Love the idea! Great choices for's not always easy to switch things up from office ot after-hours cocktail hour, especially if you work in a more conservative environment.

  5. Great idea and lovely choices!!!

  6. Hun first thing Thanks babe you are spoiling me ;-) I would go with #1.

  7. Thank you for this fabulous linkup. I love the shoes in accessories number 1.

  8. Very cool ,love the shoes :)

  9. Good choices for the office. Love the ensemble. :-) Will link up next Tuesday if God permits.

  10. I love link ups! I'll be linking up :))



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