Technique Thursday: How I Put My Twists In A Supper High Bun

Hello Everyone,
            Today is technique Thursday where I share with you some of the tips and tricks that I use to achieve certain hair styles, or correct some hair problems. Today's pictorial is pretty simple. I decided to have some mini twists two days ago. I added some Kanekalon hair to my own hair so it can last for a few weeks. Then I realized that my bun was not puffy enough. That's why I took some pictures to show you how I achieved this supper high bun.

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Relaxed Thairapy



  1. I have a bun technique of my own. Lol, I cut the closed end of a black sock off, then roll it into a donut. This technique give me a perfect bun.

  2. Amiga que hair maravilhoso amei amo entrar neste blog.
    Venha participar do sorteio de um ano do blog

  3. You make it look so easy and pretty.

  4. Your twists are nice and you made making the bun look so easy. Nice Pictures.

  5. Lovely post!! Thanks for sharing dear. I tried my hands on a bun on Sunday and it didn't go too well. - But it tried. :-)

  6. Pretty cool, I do want to try this! I've been searching for a new hair style. :))

    Much Love,

  7. That top knot bun looks really cute. Your how-to was easy to follow. Thanks for sharing. You could also get away with doing a sock or donut bun. Versatility!

  8. really creative..I love it!!

  9. This is too funny! You know, I haven't tried this one yet! Thanks for sharing, doll!


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