Technique Thursday: How I Use Black Tea To Stop My Hair From Shedding

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Hello beautiful ones,
             Welcome to another #TechniqueThursday, where I share with you how I use different products or create different hairstyles. I don't know if I have already told you, but I have dealt with some serious shedding during the Fall and Winter months. My hair grows a lot faster during winter, too. So, it was nothing that bothered me much.
         To tell you the truth, I worry more about my hair breaking than shedding. I have a lot of hair on my head. It's hard for me to see any sign of bald spots because my hair is so curly and tightly coiled. But no matter how big or minimal the shedding is, you have to take care of it so it does not become a problem.  Below are some steps that I have taken to stop my hair from  shedding.

Relaxed Thairapy

{1} Brew the tea (green or black) using your coffee maker or microwave. Try to make it as strong as possible.

{2} Let it cool off  before putting it in the applicator bottle.

{3} Shampoo your hair as usual, then apply the black tea rinse straight to your scalp using the applicator bottle.

{4} Add your deep conditioner to your hair paying more attention to your ends. Leave your deep conditioner on as directed.

{5} Rinse your hair out and add you leave-in(s) and seal your ends.

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             I know it is weird, but I keep my shedded hair every time I wash it, which happens twice a week. This way I can keep track of my progress. I can say that I am within the normal shedding range now (50-100 strands a day). While I don't have time to count each strand that falls from my head, I can tell by looking at the hair if it's a serious situation or not.  How do you stop your hair from shedding?

Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

Nerline Germain is an auntie, sister, wife and mother. My passion for writing led me to create this little space. I mostly write beauty related articles, but this is also a lifestyle blog. My goal is to share my experiences with you. Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes:-) Contact: chicfromhair2toe@gmail.com. .


  1. That is very smart in how you keep track in your progress I will you ever know if it works smart girl.

  2. Very smart indeed. Well I haven't any clue, I don't know if there are times of more or less shedding. But good to know, so thx for the brilliant tip honey.

  3. i use black tea too to reduce shedding..it works, though i don't keep track like you've done.......*winks*

  4. wow... that's cool and nice tip. thanks for sharing...

    It’s a GIRL

  5. Wow i love that you keep the shedded hair- great way to know! This is a good tip - will try it out. Thanks for sharing sis.


  6. Great Post! How often do you use this method?

  7. I am going to try the tea rinse in my hair. I have tried everything else and still have bald spots, they tell me this is heredity as several of my Aunts have this same problem. But nothing beats a failure than a try.

  8. I use it twice a month now, but I did it four times a month when it was severe.

  9. See, I'm that person who use to count the strands of breakage and would separate out the strands of shedding -- never counted the shed hairs though. I like tea rinses for reduced breakage. Excellent post. The visual is very telling that tea rinses rock!

  10. Ooh wow, this I most definitely have to try. I have never heard of this method. I hope it works for me as well as it did for you. Thank you so much for sharing.


  11. I haven't done a tea rinse in months but I have a little shedding so will definitely be incorporating them into my wash days