Curl Confessions: Breaking Some Natural Hair Rules

Hello Hair Lovers,
         I have been tagged by the lovely Miss Freda, my curlfriend. She tagged me after confessing to her readers that she has been breaking some natural hair rules. You can read her post here. Now it is my time to confess. Although I am not sure if I have ever broken any rules.

Okay, here goes!

  1. I have never had a Bantu Knots Out.
  2. No matter how hard I try, I cannot keep my hair in twist or braid outs. My hair  turns into a big Afro minutes later. 
  3. I cannot Wash n' Go. My wash n' go(s) always turn into Wash n' Hell No(s). My curl patterns are too tight, so my hair looks like a hot mess.
  4. I am not a big fan of Glycerine oil.  It makes my hair feel like cotton candy. It probably tastes like it, too. 
  5. I only use the baggying method when I suffer from protein overload. 
  6. I add conditioner to my hair, then shampoo my scalp, and rinse both of them out at once. 
  7. I hate the smell of 100% African Shea butter. So I only mix it with creamy leave-ins that smell good, not natural oils. 
  8. I have never tried any products from Jessy Curls, nor Carol's Daughter.
  9. I am probably the only product junky who hates to spend money on hair products. Free samples, anyone?
  10. I have not used heat on my hair for over a year.

  1. Onyeka MyRebornHair
  2. Ugo Ukam
  3. Nia B
  4. Lyne A  
  5. Fola H-S



  1. Interesting tag I could wash and go and I wash my hair 2 -3 time a week if needed.

  2. Fun tag and i really enjoyed reading it. I feel you dear and i know how it is. Thanks for sharing cause this just made me feel better about my cheats ;).

  3. #4 the cotton candy made me smile. Great fun tag honey.
    Happy Weekend hun

  4. oh dear! I would probably be sued my the natural hair community when they get to read my 'curl confessions'. I am more of a rebel ;-)

    Thanks for the tag. Will respond asap!

  5. I know you are. I cannot wait to read your post. Have your lawyer on speed dial:-)

  6. Because I hate spending money on products I'm not a product junkie at all.
    I've never done a bantu knot either, I really want to give it a shot.
    And I laughed out loud to the Wash and Hell No(s)! So funny! I haven't done a wash and go either.


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