Fitness Friday: How Coffee Affects My Weight-Loss Journey

how coffee helps me lose weight

Hello all my gorgeous friends,
           I really mean it.  You guys are all gorgeous inside and out.  Thanks for supporting my weight-loss journey so far. Three people told me that I have lost a lot of weight this week. Let's see, my son was the first one who told me on Wednesday. He is in first grade, but he is currently reading at a fifth grade level,  #proudmama. He broke the news to me before I had a chance to read his AR (Accelerated Reader) scores.  I asked him to give me a big hug. After he hugged me, he looked at me and said, "You lost weight, mommy." I guess it's because it was easier for his little arms to go around me this time. I am sorry; I am getting emotional here. Can I get some tissues, please? My sister told me when she woke me up from my sleep at 5:30 yesterday evening to return my laptop. And my co-worker told me when I got to work. So thank you guys for keeping me motivated. I appreciate that. This post is for you coffee drinkers. Skip this post and hop on if you don't drink coffee:-)  Did I tell you guys that I got addicted to coffee once? Okay, you probably did not have to know that! But now you know, and what are you going to do with that information? I know, right? Nothing! Anyway, I got over my little addiction and coffee has been a major part of my journey now.


coffee quotes on blogs

    Fitness Friday
  • Energy Booster: While coffee is not enough to produce a significant weight loss, it has been my best energy booster in the morning, especially when I drink it before my morning walks. Drinking a regular cup of coffee 45 minutes before I start working out keeps me alert and keeps me going longer than I would if I did not have one. 
  • Calorie Burner: Coffee helps me burn more calories while I work out. I am not sure why, but I tend to sweat more if I drink coffee before my workouts. 
  • Appetite Suppresser: Coffee suppresses my appetite. I take my coffee strong, black, with sugar. And one cup with two slices of bread is all I need until it's time for me to eat lunch. Yes, I get to skip snack when I have coffee for breakfast. 
          Consuming too much coffee can also be a problem. Coffee has been linked to insomnia, which in turn leads to over-eating.  Some chemicals in coffee increase the production of cortisone, a stress hormone that increases belly fat. Even a good thing should be taken in moderation, or it will become a bad thing. 

          How do  you like your coffee? 



  1. I so agree with you 100% percent I cannot function lately without my first cup of coffee and their is days I need more than one cup. As per you reaching and going after your goal is admirable and you are the one motivating us never give up great job doll. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Im a huge coffee drinker and I couldnt be more agreed with you. That image made me so smile! xo

  3. I'm a french vanilla addict lol, confession is a great first step right?! Believe it or not you ladies keep me motivated, because of fitness fridays I've workout at least two days a week for the last few weeks :) it may not sound like much but it is better than no exercise at all!

  4. Interesting post... I like coffee!
    Happy friday and happy May doll!!!

  5. I wish coffee tastes the way it smells. I have tried to like it, but......

    Good job it's working in your favour weight-loss-wise ;-)

  6. The best indicator that you are losing weight is always the response from people and I am glad they are noticing it Nerline. Keep it up!

  7. Thanks for reading my post and your sweet comment, Candice. Working out two days a week is a major step.

  8. You done Good. . nothing better than a hug from your child!! I did not know about your weight loss journey and I am happy you are staying positive. I love coffee and can't do without a cup in the A.M. Be strong!!

  9. Hahahaha! Love that coffee quote! Keep up the hard work and stay motivated because you're looking great :)

  10. I'm dying over that coffee meme! Those coffee haters should encourage you to drink up because they wouldn't last a minute if you weren't hopped up. LOL! Kudos to your kiddo! And dust your shoulders off too. He totally didn't do that alone!

  11. Lol! Thanks, KLP. My husband usually does most of the dusting:-) He takes credits for everything.

  12. First things first hun, congrats on your new weight loss! Well done! Kudos to your son! Sorry no tissues here right now ;-) just kidding hun, I like my coffee as cappuccino only and only cappuccino, though. The only problem I have with coffee is, it makes me sleepy, but that's another story, though.
    kisses darling

  13. That's so awesome that your little guy noticed. Rock on that he's reading at an accelerated level. Proud e-Auntie over here!!!! Congrats on your weight loss. Outstanding effort!

  14. Congrats, girl!
    Coffee is SUCH an appetite suppressant for me, too - it's insane! I've literally had two cups of coffee and completely forgotten to eat before.

  15. I'm a coffe girl too! I love it and it's my guilty pleasure. Got your tag, will answer questions this week sometime promise. Congrats on your weight loss journey! I'm on a fitness journey myself, I'll try to post more tasty healthy foods on the blog this summer.

    Much Love,

  16. Congrats on your weight loss journey it takes a lot of will power but I know you will be successful .

  17. Way to go dear, you will reach your goal weight soon. I have stopped taking coffee.

  18. Great information! I can not survive without my coffee in the morning. Have a terrific day!


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