Technique Thursday: How I Make The New African Pride Olive Miracle Cream Work For Me

           I don't know about you, but I hate throwing my products away when they don't word, unless they cause breaking or shedding. It feels like throwing cash away, right? Actually it is throwing cash away! I bought the New African Pride Olive Miracle Cream a few weeks ago, and it is not behaving the way it should. It feels okay on my hair when I first apply it. Then when my hair is dry, it feels crunchy and unmanageable. I have to admit that I used a little too much the first time. But after I gave it a second time using just the right amount, I still got the same result.


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Relaxed Thairapy

Here is how I make this product work for my hair type.

{1} I spray my hair with water before the application

{2} I add Haitian Black Castor Oil to my ends

{3} I add the African Pride Olive Miracle Cream Last

            It is like using the L.O.C method, but I use water instead of a leave-in conditioner. Another way to make this product work for you is to mix it up with the oil of your choice (whatever oil makes your hair the softest). You can really benefit from this product if you need a light protein treatment. 



  1. I agree I do not like throwing products away I usually offer it to my friends and family if I do not use it or it did not work for me.

  2. Am so like you, when i come to a product that doesn't work, unless its expired, i always try to find ways to use it up! Sounds like it's a win!

  3. Congratulations to the winners. Such a great giveaway.

  4. Good thing you found a way to make this work. I have come to the conclusion that if products don't work, then I won't chance it beyond adding honey or evoo. Thanks for linking up with me.

  5. Good for you honey. Happy day sweetie.

  6. Amiga resenha maravilhosa amei o post
    Canal de youtube:


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