Wash Day Experience: Co-Washing My Hair With Alberto V05 Herbal Escape Clarifying Conditioner

Co-Washing My Hair With Alberto V05 Herbal Escape Clarifying Conditioner

Hello Hair Lovers,
              I cannot believe it is Wednesday already. It only means that time is moving and we need to do the same. If you've been thinking about trimming your ends, doing the big chop, or trying a new protective style, now is the right time to do it. As for me? I am giving my hair a break from long term protective styling. Sometimes I forget how much my hair loves water, and keeping it in long protective styles makes it hard for me to wash it twice a week. I co-washed my hair with Alberto V05 Herbal Escape Clarifying Conditioner yesterday. This product had me at clarifying. I have heard of clarifying shampoos before, but I have never heard of clarifying conditioners. I am sorry if I am the last one to know.

{1} I combed my hair with the help of plain water since my hair was in a bun, (no knots). I applied the Alberto V05 straight to my scalp and rub it. Can I say that I love this conditioner already? But please wait for the full review:-)

{2} I rinsed my hair and did  a quick hot oil treatment using Queen Helen Jojoba Hot Oil treatment. It only takes 15 minutes to get all the benefits from this oil. It left my hair very soft as usual. 

{3} I did not do any tea rinse this time around. I think washing my hair twice a week and using Haitian black castor oil on my scalp every other day has taken care of the shedding problem. I wrapped my hair with a T-shirt and let it dry for about 45 minutes. 

The Wash Day Experience{4} I know I told you that the Africa's Pride Olive Miracle did not work for me in my review, but I refused to throw it away. I applied a tiny bit of Care Free Curl Gold Instant Activator to my ends followed by my Olive Miracle, a little bit of Haitian black castor oil, and make sure that I worked it all the way down to my roots. I put my hair in four braids and called it a day. 

            I try to do a protein treatment once in a while because my ends need it, but my hair hates protein. This co-wash really helped with the protein overload. I found myself not having to do a tea rinse, which was a little bit surprising to me since I was dealing with excessive shedding since December.  This Alberto V05 worked great too. I will probably use it again next week. 

           Tell me about your experience with Alberto V05 Herbal Escape Clarifying Conditioner if you have used before. 

Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. You do use plenty of products that is a good thing it protects your hair.

  2. Great wash day as usual.

  3. Plenty of products for plenty of hair, Jackie:-)

  4. Yes great wash day as usual. I am still on the same shampoo looks like it will last forever ;-/
    Good Morning hun

  5. I'm anticipating the ending of the month, I feel like it's going so slow. Lol I have never done a protein treatment on my hair. I've neglected my hair and didn't give it the proper care in the pass. I'm taking good care of if now.


  6. Wow, so good to know. You always seem to enjoy you wash days and i appreciate that you share. Very nice!


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