Family Fun With Wonka Pleel-a-Pop Frozen Dessert Pops + $1.00 OFF Coupons

             Above is the cute little package that I received from Bzzagent.com.  If you are not familiar with Bzzagent.com, it is a community where regular people like us get to try free products and review them on their site. They often send those products along with coupons that you get to share with family and friends. And since you guys are my blogger friends, I want to share some of my coupons with you. Writing a blog post is not required when you sign up with Bzzagent.com, but it is a way to spread the news about the compaign. Below are some photos that I took using the goodies that I got from the Wonka Peel-a-a Pop kit. 

In My Kit #

  1. One coupon for a free box of Peel-a-Pop Frozen Dessert Pops 
  2. One whistle
  3. One beach ball
  4. One pair of sunglasses
  5. Five coupons to give away
Product information 

Digging in to a WONKA PEEL-A-POP frozen dessert pop will require both hands, but aside from that, transforming reality into a realm of imagination is rather easy. Kids (big and little) can simply:

  1. Pinch or bite the top of the PEEL-A-POP frozen pop
  2. Unpeel the banana or grape gummy peel to reveal the creamy center
  3. Eat Mr. Wonka’s masterpiece (peel and all!)
At 70 calories a pop, you can unpeel the fun until the day is done! Look for WONKA PEEL-A-POP frozen dessert pops in the ice cream aisle at The Kroger Co. Family of Stores. Depending on where you shop, they’ll be stocked near other Nestlé products or in the kids’ frozen treats section. Each 8-count box retails for a suggested price of $4.49.

Hubby and my nephew, Jayden

Hubby and daughter Cianna

My photographer, Aj with Jayden


Heading straight to the pool

AJ in his best Top Gun Pose
              Wonka Peel-a-Pop frozen dessert pop is a frozen dessert that you can peel like a banana. You can eat it with or without the gummy peel. I personally love to eat it with the gummy peel because it tastes better, and I don't see the point of peeling off the best part. My kids don't like it because they don't eat bananas, that was my fault because I had the option to try the grape flavor instead of the banana. They had fun playing with everything else from the kit and hubby and I did all the eating. 
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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