Wash Day Experience:: Co-Washing With Alberto V05 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Conditioner

         Hello Everyone!  My wash day was pretty simple again yesterday. I have a problem keeping my twists on for a long time. As beautiful as my twists were last week, I had to take them out.  I was spraying them with water every other day, which caused a lot of fly-aways. My hair was growing pretty fast too after my  DIY red pimento oil treatments. This treatment is not for you if you have sensitive scalp, but it worked great on my hair. So much so that I did it again this week.


{1} I Applied my red pimento oil to my scalp after detangling my hair and left it on for about an hour. 

{2] I co-washed my scalp and my hair with my Herbal escapes clarifying conditioner. This conditioner is a cheap version of WEN. I was surprised at how well it got rid of the product buildups. My hair felt soft and very clean. 

{3} I used a few crochet yarns to twist my hair and let it dry for about 45 minutes.

{4} I removed the yarns from my hair, added some extra virgin olive oil, followed by my Cantu Shea Butter. I re-twisted my hair and went outside to wash my car, a good way for me to get the hair to dry faster. 

The Wash Day Experience
         The purpose of the red pimento oil is to increase blood flow to the scalp. It thickens the hair, promotes growth, and helps with other damages caused to the hair by heat. It can be irritating if you use too much Cayenne pepper, but the results are great. Most of the time I forget to use the threading method. I forget how good it is at straightening stretching the hair. My wash day was a success once again. I am eliminating both shampoo and protein from my regimen during the summer. I am trying to see if that will make a difference in the way my hair looks and feels. 

How was your wash day?



  1. Great tutorial.

  2. Oh your hair! I ALSO CANNOT remember the last time Iused the threading method to stretch my hair. I also think it is a great method, but I mostly skip it to twist right after washing. ☆☆

  3. I have sensitive scalp so may beit it wont be good for me but I see it works so well on you Nerline, what stunning hair u have! xo

  4. Threading method is the business!! Love how your hair turned out.

  5. Red pimento oil sounds interesting. Do you have a post on the recipe? Your hair is so thick! Love it!!

  6. Oh wow, Nerline!! Your hair has grown so much!! Love the fro. I have never tried the banding or threading techniques to stretch my hair while drying. I think I get too concerned about the lines it will leave.

  7. I regret it every time that I wash and don't stretch my roots completely.

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica! I need to know more about this red pimento oil


  8. Great ideas here and I will be going out to get the herbal escapes clarifying conditioner. Your hair is getting some good care. . .Hugs!!

  9. Honey your comment this morning cracked me up. You are one in a million girl! I am still on that bottle would you believe it?! Even S use it when he's at my place and it's still not empty. Never had such a *clingy* shampoo that won't let go..............
    kisses darling

  10. So sad that your twists are out already... They were really cute Nerline.
    Anyway, I see you are having so much fun with your hair and it is a good thing that it is growing very fast too.

  11. Your hair is beautiful!

  12. OH-EM-GEE your hair has really grown. It looks good, thick & healthy -- triple threat. I haven't used the banding method in a long while now that I'm doing the indirect heat thing weekly.

  13. Great post. I use Shea Butter a lot. I didn't know their was a conditioning one for the hair though.

  14. Excellent article. Follow you!

  15. Your hair is really gorgeous, So full and beautiful. I may have to try the red oil pepper. I am spicy already so it won't bother me :)). Thanks for the lovely info.


  16. Girl! you know I have to make you life. You make me laugh all the time too.

  17. In two years. I think I did okay. Thanks Melanie!

  18. Muuuuaahhhh.......................

  19. You just reminded me that I have the conditioner. I just used the shampoo this week for my #washdayexperience. Let me find the conditioner. #productjunkieproblems


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