Wash Day Experience: Washing My Hair With Belegenza Illustrious Shampoo & Cleanser

            Hello Hair Lovers! Let me tell you, I have been flirting, dancing, and sleeping, with the idea of relaxing my hair; so much so that I had dreams about it. These moments happen when my hair does not behave. As you could see from the last wash day, when my hair shrinks, it shrinks. And it can stay in that state for one full day. Then I have to stretch it by putting it in braids or twists. But now that my hair is getting longer since I big chopped in 2012, I can just put it in a high bun and go. And I love that! I kept my wash day pretty simple this week. I decided to give my Belegenza Illustrious Shampoo & Cleanser a second try, and it did work the same way it did before. 


    The Wash Day Experience
  1. My hair was already pre-pooed with coconut oil the night before. Too much coconut oil does not work well on my hair type, especially when I leave it on overnight. I used just enough to add a little softness to my hair before shampooing. 
  2. The Belegenza shampoo worked really well on my hair. I watered it down and sprayed it on my scalp. I rubbed my scalp with the tips of my fingers, not my nails, to distribute the shampoo and get rid of some product buildup. 
  3. I rinsed the shampoo out really well before adding my Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Replenishing Conditioner, which I am so in love with. 
  4. I let my hair dry for a few minutes before moisturizing it with Scurl No Drip Activator Moisturizer. 
  5. I sealed my ends with my oil mix (Extra Virgin Coconut oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Haitian Black Castor Oil. And my hair is in loose twists again with the help of my Cantu Shea Butter. 
Products used

             Having all natural hair does not mean I experience less breakage than if my hair were relaxed. I have 4C hair type, and it will be a 4C hair type until I die. No relaxer can change that. The relaxer can only transform it into straight 4C hair.  I would still have to take care of my hair the same way I am taking care of it now. So, I am putting the idea of relaxing my hair behind the back of my head for now, because I have learned to embrace my shrinkage. 

Enough about me!  How was your wash day experience? 


Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. Great presentation on your experience in washing your hair and the products you use and what was the result of it.

  2. Great wash day post! I too have 4C hair and it can be quite difficult when it wants too! Based on this post I believe that whether relaxed or natural 4C texture just needs a little more TLC to behave!

  3. I love your blog, you always do such a good job explaining. I'm not natural but I find your posts beneficial for my own wash day experience since I do it myself...

  4. Love your hair in this way Nerline. Your washing is just perfect as all the products used are good. Need to buy again the coconut oil. Kisses!

  5. Your hair is so beautiful. I had no idea you did it yourself.

  6. My washing day will be again boring because I am still on that same shampoo, but I reckon just two more to do and I will be done with it....Yeah!!! Great post as always hun.
    kisses darling

  7. My wash day went well and glad yours did too. Do you ever experience drying from SCurl since it has glycerin.

  8. I know it is Summer time Jay, when Glycerin takes moisture away from the hair! But I only use it on wash days while my hair is wet and I use oils to seal in the moisture. Don't worry, my hair is always a dry mess anyway.

  9. Nerline you're looking so pretty...that's a cute pic.

  10. I just adore these mini twists! High-five for successful and stress free wash days chica!

    Thanks as always for sharing your #washdayexperience!


  11. My washday eent well. Prepoo then shampoo then deepconditioner. Which kind of haitian black castor oil do you use?

  12. You really inspire with your hair routine and i know for sure it isn't easy to maintain any type of hair, period. But the beauty of one's hair is watching it grow healthily. You hair is nice and full and thanks for sharing.