What I Wore:: Black And White + Red Heels

             Hi Everyone!  I am really loving those twists. I used extra hair to make them look fuller. My husband was the first one who complimented me. Then my co-worker wanted to get her hair done that way. I charged my sister-in-law $50.00 to do hers, just because she is family. She came for a simple wash and ended up having her hair all twisted up. She told me she was not leaving until I got her hair looking like mine. I wore my twists down for two days, then put them in this up-do style before getting those pictures taking. 
This is my first time wearing this dress since I bought it. It's  one of those rare situations when you buy a dress hopping that you will wear it sooner than later. Then two months later you find out that you gained a few pounds and the dress does not fit anymore. I know there's no wiggle room, especially on the top, because I am "top heavy", but I was able to squeeze in it. And you know what, I am just happy I can wear a size 8 again. I wore a size 14 nine months ago. 




  1. You look cool :)

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  2. lovely outfit like the dress great pattern and the hair looks awesome.

  3. That dress is too cute. Lovin your twists also.

    xx Lori

  4. I loved your shoes! You look great honey! Take care! Greetings from Greece! ☆҉↘‿↗⁀☆҉ ❀ Eva http://evasbits.blogspot.gr

  5. I love your B&W dress, lovely print!!!!
    And... beautiful hairstyle!!!
    Baci bellissima!!!

  6. I love your twist!! I wish I could do mine like that. Very cute dress too.

  7. Nerline you look so so darling!!!! I love everything about the outfit, it's perfect from hair to toe. You look drop dead gorgeous!!!
    kisses darling

  8. Hooray!! You did in 9 months what some of us cannot do in years. I love the hair, the dress and the SMILE. XOXO!!!

  9. Wow only nine months. It is GREAT!!!The last time I was here youwere talking about heathy food, now I see the results. Those twists are so cute , i like the way you styled them

  10. That's a pretty summer dress and your hair is really lovely.

  11. I love your dress and the shoes they are killer.

  12. It is absolutely a good combo. It will work better if you massage the mix on your scalp.


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