What I Wore: Feeling Blue And Oversized

               Hi Guys! I bribed my photographers into taking some pictures for me again. These kids are expensive, let me tell you. The shirt that I am wearing is getting a little too big for me.  Aj asked me why I was wearing his daddy's shirt when he was taking the pictures. Yeah, they are so big that even Aj noticed. I talked about this shirt in this post a few months ago. I love shirts because of the versatility. You can create so many outfits with just one shirt. You can wear them under a dress, over a dress, with shorts or a skirt, dress pants for work...........The possibilities are endless. The shorts are a size 13. The waist is way too big, but I have enough hips to stop them from falling:-) I felt like I was floating in these clothes. It felt good! But I am definitely giving them away. I thought I would take some photos before doing so. Oh, this is not all my hair! I added a few pieces in the back.

          I look at this picture and I think about John Legend's song, ALL OF ME. I see "My perfect imperfections. All my curves and all my edges". I embrace everything, even the dimples on my legs:-)

         I would not be your friend if I did not share this picture with you. We were shooting outside and my head was on fire with all that hair. So I bent over to get some air. When I looked up, SNAPPED! AJ really thought that I was posing for a picture.

Have a wonderful week, Darlings! 



  1. You look HOT!!!!! AJ did a good job! I am not bold enough to wear very short shorts. Will work on that though....got some legs I wanna show off this summer;-)

  2. Анастасия ГлушковаTuesday, June 24, 2014 at 5:07:00 AM EDT

    the color of the shoes are amazing!

  3. You look hot dear! Love the look esp your hair. Too cute.
    xx Lori

  4. You look totally chic! Loving your shoes.

  5. You look fabulous doll awesome outfit.

  6. I really loved that natural last click dear :)
    Follow you now on GFC :)

  7. You look fab and super stylish doll!!!
    Ciao bellissima...kisses!!!!!

  8. Hahahahaha, i could not stop laughing when i read that last line about the last photo. Your are all so entertaining. Beautiful family and your hair is amazing. You look good Nerline. Love your shoes and what a great post.


  9. I love the black and white photo. You look chic and full of energy.

  10. Energy is good, Diana! I am glad you could see that.

  11. I love this combination sweetie ! The shorts look great on you xoxo

  12. Haha...you're so funny doll :) You look gorgeous, I think the photos turned out excellent...fantastic photographers ;) xx

  13. I love the pic and you look great. You're doing so good....keep up the great work! I like the outfit combination. Totally digging it.

  14. Wow, I love it!! Blue certainly is your color! Omg, those pumps...I want!


  15. I think bloopers are the best part when bloggers share them. You gotta figure out a better way to bribe your photographers... maybe ice cream? hehe. You look fab :)


  16. You look gorgeous! Loving those shoes! And your hair looks great!

  17. Very hilarious writing; your kids are so much fun. I like the last pic with the fan even though it wasn't planned...:-) and I love your outfit.

    Those shorts are hot, nicely styled and very suitable for the summer weather.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  18. I love it Nerline, you are looking fabulous and your confidence is coming through the pictures! Yes, its great to be getting rid of old clothes and making room for a new you! Congrats. I feel you on the photographers bit, my kid won't take any of me...ugh teens!!!


  19. Yeah, teenagers have a mind of their own. Thanks, Tania!

  20. Love the hair Nerline, and I love the outfit you look beautiful. But you don't give those heels away do you?! They are gorgeous hun!!

    Nerline what was the matter yesterday with your site, I tried several times but every time I got a big white screen telling me *service unavailable* error 503*.....anyway now I am here to tell ya you look gorgeous and kinda cute with those shorts.
    kisses darling

  21. I have no idea what happened. Maybe some network problems. Sorry!


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