Fashion Under $50: Getting Beach Ready For Less

            Welcome to fashion under $50, our newest segment on this blog.  The purpose is to share my chic finds with you.  And my chic find of the week is this gorgeous one-piece swimsuit. I love it because of the asymmetrical or multi-directional stripes. You know, stripes that don't make you look neither too thick nor too thin, because they confused the hell out of the person looking at you! It is the perfect swimsuit to be in if you don't want to go all patriotic this 4th of July. You know, like wearing your flag in your heart instead of wearing it on your body. The removable soft molded cups make it perfect for any body type, flat-chested or not. This swimsuit also offers full bottom coverage. Now you can skip the red, substitute the blue for the black, and have a great day at the beach. Don't forget to grab a hat and some sunscreen!

What do you think of this piece?

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