Wash Day Plus A Light Protein Treatment

                Hello Darlings!! I have seriously been thinking about combining my wash day posts with my outfit posts. This way I can briefly tell you what I did with my hair and talk about the outfit later in the same post. Now that I have two children that I have to help with homework from Monday to Friday, I don't really have time to write a post on Tuesday and another one on Wednesday. So, I will be posting new articles on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only. This will also give me time to visit your blogs and support them whichever way I can. Now let's talk about the hair!  Last Friday was hair day for me. I washed my hair and did some crochet braids, which you probably saw if you read yesterday's post.

I love doing a protein treatment before considering a new protective style. A protein treatment strengthens
the hair and helps you keep the style for a long time.

{1} I mixed my Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise with my Suave Naturals again. I wanted to have a good protein and moisture balance. I applied the mix to my hair and left it on for 35 minutes.

{2} I used Alberto V05 Clarifying conditioner to co-wash my scalp.

{3} I did a quick tea rinse using black tea because my hair tends to shed after removing my protective styles.

{4} I used a little bit of Mane 'N Tail to deep condition my hair.

{5} I applied Jojoba oil to my hair while it was 85% dry, followed by Giovanni Direct Leave-in conditioner.

The Wash Day Experience

            Since I became totally addicted to Misfits on hulu.com, I spent the rest of the day watching the show and doing my crochet braids. I only got up to go pick up the kids, shower them, and help them with homework. My wash day was good. I experienced some shedding, but nothing major. I hope your wash day was a complete success, too. 



  1. As a blogger it's hard to hold on the deadlines of posting.
    I'm glad your wash day was a success. Since I've dyed my hair, I'm planning to buy some new good hair products soon. Your wash day posts always inspire me (:

  2. a lot of interesting products!

  3. Great wash day! Love your lip stick.

  4. Your hair is so great in this way Nerline, Ive just seen yday post and you totally look so smashing!:) Kisses xo

  5. Look at your gorgeous hair Nerline. This is really nice. Tell me about the shedding. Now that it is getting colder and drier season it only makes sense to keep protecting the hair.


  6. I undersatnd if you are busy with the kids totally. If you schedule your posts it will be much easier and less pressure on yourself, think its a good idea! I have to check out this hair mayonnaise!

  7. Those crochets look good!
    I need to do a dang protein treatment myself!

  8. Those are crochet braids?!?! Girl...you would have fooled me for sure! I love them!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience!


  9. Love the shade of lipstick on you, looks beautiful hun! Well my wash-day was as boring as usual, wash, rinse, let it dry, that's all. Still loving the triple thingy shampoo.
    kisses hun

  10. Yaaayyy I'm glad you love it! Post makeup looks, I need ideas lol :)

  11. I was fooled too, first glance and I thought to myself 'her hair is so long'.

  12. I am just so happy you gave the triple thingy a try. Kisses!

  13. I'm so happy you did this post! My hair seems to be going through some things with the extreme heat we have been experiencing here in Florida. I think I need to try this.. love the fact that you take care of your extensions. I'm sooooo the opposite lol.


  14. Super cute; prayers do work. Congratulations on your win Nerline.
    I want to start experimenting with make-up too.

  15. Wow! 39 is a lot and that is really cool. Great colors. Congrats on your win dear.


  16. You use awesome product that give shine to your hair.

  17. Congrats dear, such a pretty palette.


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