Outfit Of The Week:: Dots, Dots, Dots

              Hi Fashionistas!! Fall is slowly making its presence known. I have woken up to some chilly mornings this week, but I am so excited my favorite season is almost here. It is time to think about reorganizing our closets to make room for our Fall wardrobe.  A pair of black pants is always in, no matter what the season is. And I do love me some dots. I paired these two together for a typical work day. My husband calls it my executive look. This top would go well with a black pencil skirt, too. But you know your girl doesn't do skirts, specially pencil skirts. My hips don't handle skirts too well. A blazer jacket will be needed for late Fall, but let's enjoy the final days of summer for now.

My Home Office.



  1. Oh, you are so ready for work and in style. Your office style is really nice. Very nice shots. Keep that gorgeous smile Nerline. I think you will look good in a pencil skirt if you find the right length and fabric.


  2. You look very good in this executive outfit and I wish I had an office like yours in my home. Big Hugs!!

  3. Very classy look, girl! You rock this outfit completely. I love the dots on the shirt. I love every single item. By the way, I have the same thing with skirts, I just don't like wearing it :P

  4. I like this your home office oo.. nice outfit

  5. Niiiice! Very chic and simple but so cute! Love your hair :)


  6. Cool look, lovele your shirt!!!
    Keep on smiling!
    Love, Paola.

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  7. Fall is my favorite time of the year too..:-). You look lovely in this outfit and I love your shoes. That purple watch is also a nice pop of color.

  8. Hellooo Lady Boss ;) Nerline you look amazing. Love this business chic yet hot look on you. Aww that smile...........
    kisses hun

  9. I love this outfit! The polka dotted shirt is so my style and it's definitely very office chic... EVEN CEO chic! haha.

  10. I think so too, doll. I just have to keep trying them on.

  11. How much I love polka dots. My mum calls it spotted lol. Pls kindly visit my blog for beauty tips. Ur comments will be highly appreciated.

  12. Great outfit Nerline, I love how it is still professional but flattering to the figure! I love the home office!

  13. I totally understand about the skirts! I have a couple of pencil skirts that I haven't worn yet. But while my hips are a factor, it's usually because I don't feel like shaving hahaha! Looking good!

  14. Oh I love the look!! Chic office style, love the shoes too.


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