Wash Day:: Mini Twists Week 3

          Hair is such a big part of our being. We dye it, fry it, cut it, lock it, relax it, and even perm it. Of course we will still be us if we shave it all off, but our hair can say so much about who we are. My husband once told me that I am addicted to my hair. My response was, "really, you noticed that!" He went on to say that I am not even denying it. Why should I? He is right! I love touching my hair. My point is that, pampering your hair is part of pampering yourself. I love the smell of freshly washed hair. This is my third wash since I twisted my hair. It still looks good, but the twists have to go.


{1} I co-washed my hair with Alberto V05 and Tea Tree Oil again, but I promise that will change next wash day. I will try something new.

{2} I rinsed the shampoo out and applied the black tea straight to my scalp, followed by my Cantu Shea butter as a deep conditioner. I left it on for about 30 minutes.

{3} I rinsed the hair and let it air dry for almost an hour. 

{4} I love using Garnier Fructis Instantly Smooth as a leave-in conditioner because it smells so good.

{5} I oiled my scalp with ORS Carrot Oil after it was 100% dry. My hair loves it for some reason.

The Wash Day Experience
        After eliminating both shampoo and protein from my hair regimen, I can honestly say that my hair is softer and it absorbs moisture faster. It is definitely longer, too. Another thing I love about not using shampoo is that I don't have to prep my hair before washing it. I can just deep condition it after using the clarifying conditioner.  A hot oil treatment with pure coconut oil once or twice a month is on my to-do list, but I use the carrot oil on my scalp every other day. This oil/cream really brings health to my hair, and I love it.

            How was your wash day?



  1. nice post!


  2. Great products that give you shine


  3. They look so softer and smoother, I really like the result on u, looking pretty Nerline! xo

  4. TUTORIAL PLEASE! This is a gorgeous updo!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!


  5. Aww, why are you taking the twists out, they look so good! And I have been trying the Cantu Shea leave-in and I think I like it

  6. I hate wash day...ugggg. I'm struggling, the relaxer is calling me. Your hairs looks healthy!

  7. Your hair looks gorgeous! I love the result :D

    Hugs :)

    xx isa | http://stoerensexy.blogspot.be

  8. Hey, Nerline! Your twists are so beautiful, love! Glad to see that your hair journey is going well :)
    Oh, and I love that Garnier Fructis Instantly Smooth as well. It's babygirl's favorite leave-in.

  9. Your twists are holding up nicely. I used to love cantu but don't know why i stopped using it

  10. The still looks good!! love your lippie too.

  11. this is soooo pretty! Loving the pin up!


  12. Yes to no shampoos! I totally agree with the time saved by not having to pre poo!
    From one hair obsessed lady to another, I love you twists! Let's not even hide our hair obsession!

  13. I wash my hair every week, and my hair is always thirsty. I really don't get a lot of product buildups, saying no to shampoo works for me.

  14. Your hair style is sooo cute. And I used to use the garnier fructis hair cream along with the shampoos because it made my natural hair easier to manage, but for some reason it made it flake too. justaise.blogspot.com

  15. I don't use shampoo anymore either! Loving this hairstyle on you.

  16. Lovely hairstyle. :-)


  17. You look great! Went back to read the post from last year and you should be proud of your accomplishment. You set a goal and reached it :)


  18. Thank you so much, Aileen. Your kind words mean a lot to me.


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