Wash Day Plus A Low Bun With 100% Kanekalon Hair

             Hello Darlings!! I hope your week is going well so far. As you can see, I am still rocking my crochet braids. My hair is in a low bun because I was attending an event with my husband on Sunday.  My wash day was the same as last week. I did the exact same thing. The only difference was that I used Carrot Oil by Organic Root Stimulator to oil my scalp instead of Jojoba Oil. I removed a few braids from the middle part so my low bun could look a little more natural. I don't know what I was thinking, but I added a few yarns on both sides of my head to add a little color. It took me a lot of pinning and tucking to achieve this bun. It's too bad I could not leave it on for a least two days. The hair pins started to bother me. So I set my hair free.

           My hair will be in twists again next Wednesday. Three weeks is the longest that I can keep this particular style. The synthetic hair is getting tired from all the washing. The ends feel crunchy and worn out. Rubbing and hot water should be avoided when washing this hair because these two things can easily change the hair texture and longevity. Wash the hair with cool water and avoid rubbing or combing it through.
           My wash day was good. I am so nervous about the amount of shedding that I will get since I have not done my tea rinse in two weeks.  What about you, how was your wash day?



  1. I like this. Simple and natural looking.

  2. Your hair looks very nice, Nerline. I like the bun :)
    I made my own blondspray yesterday (published the post today) with honey, lemon and Garnier Shampoo for Blondes. I love taking care of my hair. Thanks for inspiring me.

    Keep in touch x
    isa | My Blog: Stoer & Sexy

  3. You look lovely :)

    NEW POST...


  4. Great look doll nice job on your hair, here is the link to my new post is a recipe I know you might love and is light.


  5. Its so cute Narline! You are so chic with hair in this way! xo

  6. Cute bun, Love that pink stripe of hair.

  7. You can't go wrong with a classic bun! I've been experimenting with braids too because I get so tired of my boring hair!!

  8. The low bun is totally cutee, and I love the pop of colour :)

  9. Love the pink things in your hair, looks so cute Nerline. And your makeup is gorgeous hun. My wash day is yet to come but it will as boring as always. Wash, rinse, let it dry. Very exciting huh ;)
    kisses darling

  10. Love the sophisticated bun... and even if you didn't mention it, the makeup!

  11. the splash of color looks great!

  12. Your skin is gorgeous! Low buns are always cute.

  13. Yeah I guess it does, I mean I don't complain, I am glad my hair is that easy, it's just well, it's boring, nothing to tell about, I hate the let-it-dry part as it takes ages.

  14. The bun is so elegant and your makeup is very pretty. Your hair just keeps looking better and better by the day.


  15. You are doing so great with your makeup and your hair is looking so good!

  16. I adore your pop of color!!! If you didn't tell me that you still had your twists in I would have NEVER noticed! Too cute!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!



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