Wash Day :: Dealing With Low Porosity Hair

             The porosity of your hair is its ability to absorb moisture, may it be oil, cream, or water. Some of us have high porosity hair, while a few of us don't. Having a low porosity hair means your cuticles are tight and the strands are  resistant to opening up for water and moisture.  After going through what I went through with my hair last Sunday,  I could not wait to feel its softness again. My second wash on Wednesday did not make things any better. The damage was already done, and whatever made my hair stiff was already locked in. I figured that the only way to have my softness back was to open up the cuticle layers and get some softness back in there; if that makes any sense.


Rinse :: I rinsed my hair with very warm water (close to hot) to help remove  excess products.

Deep conditioning:: Heat became my best friend on Saturday. It was cold, but I had to wash my hair early. I deep conditioned with honey (a humectant that draws moisture to the hair) and TREsemme Moisture Rich Conditioner for two hours. I was desperate for anything with Cetyl alcohol, as it helps in adding moisture to the hair also. I used my Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap over a plastic cap, plus a warm towel for extra heat. Steaming my hair was very helpful.

Clarifying /Shampooing :: I started out with my V05 Clarifying conditioner, but I ended up adding shampoo to the mix because I thought that product buildups may have been the cause of the stiffness, too.

Conditioning :: I used Clairol Herbal Essences moisturizing conditioner to condition my hair after the shampoo.

Drying :: Air dried for about 45 minutes after using a T-shirt instead of a towel. 

Moisturizers :: Since it was so cold that day, I decided to moisturize my hair with Scurl No Drip Activator Moisturizer, followed by my ORS Carrot Oil.

The Wash Day Experience
              The softness is back, you guys! I did the porosity test throughout the wash day. The first time I dropped my strands in the water, they did not go down. I tried again after shampooing and conditioning my hair. The last test was before drying the hair. My hair started drying right away. It only took 10 minutes for my hair to eat up the moisturizer, which meant that my hair was absorbing the products very fast. There were no products sitting on my hair after adding the cream. Winning!
I was only trying to add a little protein to my hair last week. But forgetting to add honey to my deep conditioner was very detrimental. Now I know not to mess with protein.

How was your wash day, dear?



  1. I like the way you put your hair in a bun and your makeup looks so fresh and beautiful.
    Enjoy the rest of the week my friend.

  2. I agree with Beauty that updo looks lovely on you. I'm sorry about your hair mishap. I had an experience like that before with a gel everyone use to rave about so I know the feeling.

  3. You are a much better caretaker of hair than me and Your hair is so much healthier! Kudos. . .

  4. So good that it that the moisturizing worked for you. Your hair looks great like that Nerline, so pretty!


  5. Phew! You recovered. Good for you and never again :( Well, you hair sure look healthy and full.


  6. Am glad the softness is back doll, I know that can be tough to do. You look gorgeous, love the bun :)) My hair is a mess at the moment, I need to wash it and put a moisture treatment on it. I'm sooooo lazy with my hair, haha :))) Hope you have a gorgeous day Xxx

  7. I need softness on My hair too.... great post Nerline!!!!
    Love, Paola.
    My Facebook

  8. It sound like you had a great experience and your hair looks healthy.

  9. I'm glad you were able to recover that softness. Your hair looks great!


  10. So glad to hear you gained softness back. I really enjoy your hair posts.

  11. Your hair look lovely :)

    NEW POST...


  12. *Fist pump* for soft hair! I like this little fancy free high bun that you got going on here! Did you stretch your hair as you dried it?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!


  13. I am so happy for you Nerline that the softness is back! Love the bun hun ;)


  14. I'm glad you recovered! Whew, chile. Nothing I hate more than freaked out hair. Honey is a must for my DCners.

  15. If your hair absorbs moisture easily that means you have high porosity. If not, then your porosity is low. You can also test the hair by dropping a few strands in a glass of clean water. If the hair goes down really fast, that means it has no problem absorbing moisture. But if it stays on top, that means you have low porosity hair, meaning your hair does not absorb moisture easily

  16. Even I must try using T-shirt to dry hair.

  17. Yes. I usually stretch by braiding the hair instead of twisting it. Thank you, KLP!

  18. Your hair is beautiful, but you need to listen when it's talking to you.

  19. Cute up do. I have started adding honey to my deep conditioner too. It makes a great difference.

  20. Good to know! I'm going to try that trick - and if it doesn't absorb moisture then it means probably wouldn't absorb products/creams as easily too right?

  21. i have asked you too tell us how you got this much volume on you hair am am lovong it

  22. It comes naturally babe. I have a head full of hair. Plus, I did not comb the hair through.

  23. What a great tip doll. You're the best!
    Happy sunday
    Stoer & Sexy


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