Wash Day Plus A Quick Hair Update

            I landed an emergency wash day on Sunday. Sunday of all the days!  I learned the day before that when your hair does not have any curl patterns, there isn't much you can do about that. I had the brilliant idea of defining my curls using some Eco Styler gel. Boy, was I wrong! The gel just sat on top of my hair until it became something else. The Eco Styler gel got mixed up with some products that I already had on my hair and became some sticky brown thing that was visible to the naked eye. Terrible!

{1} I decided to deep condition on dry hair using Suave naturals Tropical Coconut conditioner mixed with extra virgin olive oil and a tiny bit of Organics Hair Mayonnaise. I left it on my hair for over 45 minutes before rinsing it out.

{2} I skipped the Alberto V05 Clarifying conditioner because my scalp was clean. I used Palmer's Replenishing conditioner on my hair instead. I left it on for 5 minutes, and rinsed my hair with cool water.

{3} I used a T-shirt to remove the excess water from my hair.

{4} I added some oil to my hair, followed by Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner.

{5} I let my hair air dry for what seemed like a lifetime. 

The Wash Day Experience
          A few things happened during the wash day. First, I forgot to add honey to the deep conditioner.   And you know how my hair does not like protein. I realized that I messed up when my hair was taking too long to dry. If you have low porosity hair, you know what I am talking about. My hair became stiff, which means my hair did not absorb most of the products that I added after the wash. Second, baggying my hair did not solve the problem. Finally, I had to wash my hair again using only Alberto V05 Clarifying Conditioner and my ORS carrot oil as a leave-in. I just finished washing my hair, again! So I'll tell you what happened next week.
        I am finally retaining some length. Now if only I could remember to stick to protein-free products only.



  1. You look lovely. The hair is looking great too. I would forget to do all of this stuff, I am not good with doing my hair at all. If I was rich, I would most likely hire someone to do it, ha!!xx

  2. Looking pretty you rock this look with the hair.

  3. Must have been terrible! But it turned out well Nerline, fingers crossed for the next days! xo

  4. How did you get this much volume to your hair? i wana know

  5. You look lovely in that Afro; hope your week is going great?..:-)

  6. So beautiful. I love how you style your hair after a wash day. Great post!


  7. Was it the Organics Hair Mayonnaise that had too much protein in it or the Palmers?

    Ugh. I HATE when that happens. You've siced yourself up for a spectualar #washdayexperience and one misstep forces you to wash alllllll over again. no bueno. BUT...I can't wait to see what spectacular awesomeness your hair has to share next week chica!


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  9. Oh my Nerline, doesn't sound like much fun :/ I am glad you managed and your hair does look pretty nice to me.

    kisses hun

  10. Whooo--- sounds like you had a heck of a wash day, can't wait to read how you bounced back! Loving the big 'fro!!!

  11. Oh wow, sorry to hear that your wash day was a bit challenging but as long as you recover nicely is all that matters. Can't wait to hear all about that next week.


  12. Your hair looks gorgeous. I've never been able to use eco styler gel to define my curl sets at all, it's a shame it didn't work for you on this occasion either! x

  13. It was the Organics, KLP! It has egg protein in it and my hair hates it. Thank you.

  14. Lol! You are so lucky you don't have to do much to it.

  15. Big. Bodacious. Baddie Nerline. I love the look. You can rock so many different styles. Very versatile.

  16. I love the products you show I learn a lot from your hair posts!

  17. Ugh, hate when products turn into nightmares. Note to self: Never use Eco styler gel. Love the big hair though :)


  18. Oh man, horrible! Sometimes things just don't seem to go our way, but you worked with it and got a nice do in the process. I like the hair-do!


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  20. You do so much to maintain your hair, yet sometime it get messes up.


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