Fitness Friday: 5 Ways To Avoid Overeating This Thanksgiving

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          Thanksgiving is the day when we get together with family and friends to give thanks, eat good food, and crack jokes; or in some cases, find out what the cousin that we haven't seen in months has been up to. Some of us tend to overeat  when that day comes. One excuse that I hear often is, "Thanksgiving only comes once a year." Just because it comes once a year that doesn't mean you should turn into a turkey by stuffing yourself with all kind of delicious food.  If you plan on spending some quality time with your loved ones this thanksgiving ( instead of turning it into Black Friday), keep reading for some tips on how to avoid overeating.


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5 Ways To Avoid Overeating This Thanksgiving

1. Eat a protein filled breakfast. Your body tends to crave less carbs when it is satisfied with your protein intake. Eating protein in the morning will make you fill full longer.

2. Eat light snacks and  drink water. Water can trick your brain into believing that you are full.  Snack on healthy food and drink water instead of eating a big lunch.

Fitness Friday3. Have a glass of red wine. Red wine is known for suppressing appetite. One glass during dinner should be your limit. You don't want to miss out on all the fun. 

4. Eat a piece of pie (anything sweet) before dinner. While your body really likes sugar, your brain does a really good job at letting you know that you are less hungry after getting enough. I usually go with the sweet potato soufflé.

5. Enjoy small portions. We start eating dinner at around  4:00 PM at my house. I never skip the salad because it is healthy and low in calories. I fill my plate with some dark meat and some of my favorite sides.  I give my body enough time to digest the food, then go back for a second plate at 7:00 PM.

       These tips have stopped me from overeating year after year. I hope you find them helpful. 

How do you stop yourself from overeating during the holidays?


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