Fitness Friday: Scrambled Eggs With Mushrooms Before Thanksgiving Dinner

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          Happy Friday Everyone! I was going to say happy black Friday, then I remembered that it's not actually a national holiday, unless you live in California and a few other states, and you work for the government. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. We had dinner at my sister's house yesterday. We had so much fun cooking in the kitchen.  We had music, drinks, everybody participated, except for my dad who was just sitting in a recliner and  looking at us having fun. But the most important thing for me that day was making sure that I cooked breakfast before leaving my house. Below is a quick pictorial on  how I  made my delicious scrambled eggs with mushrooms.

          I made scrambled eggs for breakfast before going to my sister's house to help her cook because I remember telling you to eat a protein filled breakfast on Thanksgiving day so you don't overeat later.  I basically added some chicken meat, sweet peppers (different colors), mushrooms, onions, salt and pepper  to the eggs and beat everything together with a fork. There was no whisk in sight, probably one of the things that should have been on my Black Friday shopping list.  I sprayed a skillet with PAM cooking spray, then I poured the mix to the skillet.
         I only cooked enough eggs for my husband and myself because my daughter is allergic to eggs and my son only eats hard boiled eggs. My breakfast kept me full until 1:00 PM. Then it was time for a snack. I snacked on some grapes and had a glass of wine a few hours later, which means I totally skipped lunch and ate again when dinner was ready. The only thing that  I did not do was eating twice.  But I am sure I will make up for that today.

               Was your Thursday everything you hoped it would be?
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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