It Is Time To Trim My Hair

Trimming 4c hair

                  Every time I am faced with the decision to trim my hair, I always talked myself out of it. There is that excuse. Well, let's just call it denial! It's like knowing that you are sick, but you really, absolutely,  don't want to go to the hospital because you hate hospitals. I guess in my case I just wanted to hold on  to my extremely damaged ends. My hair sheds a lot during the Fall season, but I have been noticing some breakage for the passed two weeks. My hair looks like it is growing. Why do I have to cut it now?

3 signs that made me trim my hair: (There are probably 10, but they all come down to one thing, my ends were damaged and I needed to let go)

{1}  Breakage ( Not enough moisture or protein, over-processed)

{2} Split Ends (Over-washing, weather, bad hair products)

{3} Knots (Damaged cuticles hugging each other, or themselves, causing tangles)

* I was experiencing ALL three at the same time.

What I used to trim my hair: 
  1. Hair scissors
  2. Comb
  3. Hair clips
  4. Water
  5. Leave-in conditioner
  6. Extra virgin olive oil
           I started out by sectioning my hair with the help of some hair clips. I wet the hair using water from a spray bottle.  The best way to trim my hair type is by twisting it and snip the ends after each twist, which is what I did. The part of my hair that did not curl up was the part that I got rid of. It was not much, but it was looking a little too straight for a hair that was wet, and I could feel the knots under my fingers, too. Although I could not see the ends from the back of my head, I had serious split ends in the front. Since my hair was already wet, I added a little bit of Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner, followed by just a tiny bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to seal my ends after the trim to keep the hair moisturized.

trimming 4c natural hair

The hair is a little shorter now, but I am so glad I trimmed my unhealthy ends.
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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