Wash Day : The Coconut Oil Is Back

100% pure coconut oil

          This season has been the toughest on my hair this year. It's funny because Fall is supposed to be gentle on my hair, minus the shedding. It usually feels like winter by February because we live in the South, but this year has been different. We've had winter weather weeks after weeks. As a result of the bad weather, my hair has been dryer than usual. I moisturize my ends at least twice a day and keep them tucked in. Since coconut oil is so good at retaining moisture in the hair, I got me a big jar for less than $5.00. I will be using it to deep condition on dry hair and moisturize my ends.


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Pre-Poo: I used Pure Coconut oil to prep my hair for about 6 hours.

Shampooing: I washed the oil out with Matrix Biolage shampoo.

Rinse: I did a coffee rinse again to minimize the shedding.

The Wash Day ExperienceDeep conditioning: I deep conditioned with Africa's Hair Mayonnaise to help with the breakage.

conditioning: My hair felt and smelled a little funny after I washed the deep conditioner out. So, I applied my V05 moisture milk conditioner, rinsed it out, and the hair felt a little better.

Drying: I dried with a towel this time, too lazy to get a T-shirt.

Moisturizing and Sealing: I added a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil to my hair, followed by my Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner.

Hair of the week

Hair of the week

          The coconut oil made a big difference. The hair was very soft. The breakage is not as noticeable as last week. I am hoping that the shedding will stop too, sooner than later, I hope. I am not too worried about the shedding because it is normal this time of the year, but I am tired of cleaning the sink and my comb.

             Did you have a successful wash day?
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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