Wash Day:: Deep Conditioning With Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Hair Deep Conditioner

         Hello Everyone! I decided to give Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Hair Deep Conditioner a try during my last wash day. I read mixed reviews about it. But since my hair is as unique as my fingerprints, I decided that only I, can tell if it works for me or not. I've tried to mix my Organics Hair Mayonnaise with honey and regular conditioner to avoid protein overload, because my hair doesn't sit well with egg protein. I hope this product becomes a regular deep conditioner for me so I don't have to do all this work. One use is not enough for me to tell you how I feel about it yet. A review is coming soon.

  1. Pre-Poo: I used my carrot oil to prep my hair. This oil has been so good on my roots. I figured that it would do the same to my ends.  Boy, was I right! I covered my head with two plastic caps, plus a warm towel. I started the washing process seven hours later. 
  2. Shampoo: I used Matrix Biolage to wash my scalp again. 
  3. Rinse: I did my coffee rinse. I applied it to my scalp only, left it on for about five minutes before applying my deep conditioner.
  4. Deep conditioning: Applied  Pantene  Pro-V Truly Natural Hair Deep Conditioner to my hair without rinsing the coffee out, a good way to wash out the coffee smell because this product smells pretty good. I waited 50 minutes before rinsing the hair. My plan was to leave it on the hair for only 15 minutes, but I was doing homework with the kids. I lost track of time.
  5.  Oil +Moisturizer: I added a generous amount of Avocado Oil to my hair after letting it dry for about 15 minutes. I braided the hair and went to bed 3 hours later.

Hair of the day

4c hair style

The Wash Day Experience           I had  what I call a "Thank you, Jesus!" moment after I washed my hair on Monday. Even a day later, my hair was so soft. It felt stronger, too. It felt like my hair. Although I am not out of the woods yet with the breakage, I was happy and very satisfied with my wash day. Do you have a post about your wash day experience?  Come share it with us! Just click on the blue button and follow the instructions. Happy Blogging!


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