A Merry Wash Day

A Merry Wash Day
                Hello Loves! We only have a few hours until Christmas. It's been a busy week for me. With shopping and the kids being home for the holidays,  I did not co-wash my hair this week. I usually wash on Mondays and co-wash as needed on Thursdays, but that did not happen. I avoided using heavy creams and butters on my hair, (that sounds like making mashed potatoes, right?) because every time I do, I have to co-wash. I use water to moisturize my ends and sealed with extra virgin olive oil. I also said goodby to some products. Oh, my hair of the week pic is different, too!


Oil: Warm coconut oil on the hair for a few hours.

Shampoo: Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie, used only once.
The Wash Day Experience
Rinse: Black tea rinse for about 5 minutes.

Conditioner: Alberto V05 Moisturizing conditioner for easy detangling.

Deep conditioners: Organics Hair Mayonnaise and Cantu Shea Butter mixed together for about 15 minutes.

Moisturizers: Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner and Scurl Activator Moisturizer

Sealer: Avocado butter. 

Empty containers

A Merry Wash Day
A Merry Wash Day
            I let my son take this picture for me a few hours after washing my hair. I am using it here  because I could not get a good head shot later that day. It became dark outside and it started raining. I am glad he was home that morning. I had a Merry wash day. How was yours?

From my family to yours, 
Merry Christmas!!  


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