Outfit Ideas:: It's A Christmas Party

Outfit Ideas:: It's A Christmas Party

             I cannot believe Christmas is only a few days away.  Having Christmas parties is a big tradition everywhere. And Knowing what to wear to a party can be challenging sometimes. We don't want to be under-dressed nor overdressed. I went to a meeting last month and my friend told me that I was overdressed. I said yes, compared to you. Lol! I am sure we were not trying to disrespect each other because we are best friends, but somebody that's not your friend won't even tell you. They might just sit in the corner and gossip about it.

            I put together two outfits.  The one above is for a house party and the one below is for a more formal party. A house party is usually a casual party where you hang out with friends or friends of your friends. I love to wear colors if the party is happening during the day.  There are also cocktail Christmas parties, which require a cocktail dress, sequined top, or anything party-ish. An office Christmas party takes place where you work. Normally you don't have to do too much because you will probably have to go back to your desk after the party, but you still have to dress for the occasion.

           Wear a warm coat depending on how cold it is outside. Wherever you go, it will be warm inside. Wear short or elbow length sleeves under your coat. Things will get heated once you start drinking and dancing. You can also use layers, and remove them as needed.
Outfit Ideas:: It's A Christmas Party

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