FASHION: Pantone Color Of The Year 2015: Marsala

Pantone Color of the year 2015: Marsala
             MARSALA?  It sounds like a delicious dish from Olive Garden, right?  Well, not completely! The color of the year (18-1438X)  is a rich reddish brown inspired by a strong wine from Sicily, Italy called Marsala. Marsala wine is mostly used for cooking to create various rich sauces. There are two kinds of Marsala wine  for cooking: dry, and sweet. But Marsala  can also be made dry and fine enough for sipping. So, it is not only for cooking!   Can you feel my excitement?

Marsala: color of the year 2015

               Like I said in my Color of the Year post in 2014,  when Pantone announces the color of the year, designers, furniture makers, and manufacturers, have no choice but creating clothes, furnitures, and other accessories with that color in mind. What I love about this color is that it can be worn by both men and women with different skin tone. It can be  easily paired with black, navy blue, or mustard. Or some nude pumps, too! If this color hasn't caught your attention yet, pretty soon you will start noticing it everywhere you go, from your local grocery store to your favorite store at the mall.

Cool Facts:

{1} Marsala is also a city in Sicily, Italy.

{2} Pantone creates the original color of the year and provides the formula to different companies.

{3} Pantone is a color institute located in Carlstadt, New Jersey.

Pantone Color Institute's executive director, Leatrice Eisemen says,  "The color is such a delicious warm shade, you can almost taste it by looking at it."  Do you agree or disagree?

Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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