Wash Day:: Back To Basics

Wash Day:: Back To Basics
           Another week, another wash, but less shedding and breakage. I have been taking it easy with my hair.  Yesterday was the second time I did a hot oil treatment on my hair since the breakage started. I did it with Jamaican black castor oil this time and really focused on my ends. The treatment was needed because my ends felt really dry.


(1) I warmed a generous amount of Jamaican black castor oil in the microwave. I applied it to my hair after rinsing it with warm water. I put a plastic cap on and left it on my hair for about  a few hours. 15 minutes is probably what you need, but my hair is funny and takes time to absorb water and oil.

The Wash Day Experience
(2) I used my Alberto V05 clarifying conditioner to wash the oil out. I had a backup plan if that did not work, because sometimes a clarifying conditioner is not enough to get the job done, although I had to use it twice.

(3) I did  my little coffee rinse.

(4) I conditioned with TREsemme moisture rich conditioner.

(5) Air dry for a few minutes.

(6) I moisturized and sealed with Scurl No Drip Activator Moisturizer and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Hair of the week

Wash Day:: Back To Basics

       It's been a while since I mentioned Jamaican black castor oil on this blog. It was good too my hair then, and I hope that  it brings some goodness back to my hair after everything my hair has been through. I think that I have shedded enough hair for the past 3 weeks. I am still working on growing back my edges. I will be trying some hair vitamins starting next week. I hope they help.

How was your wash day!

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