Wash Day: The Best Of 2014

Wash Day: The Best Of 2014

             Hello my hair friends! Since this is the last wash day of the year 2014, I created a collage of some of my favorite hairstyles during the year.  My most memorable picture is the one on the top left: the first time I did a Bantu knot out that lasted one day. 2014 was good to my hair until it started breaking and shedding. I still don't understand how I managed to reach collar bone length after all that breakage. Then again, I have a short neck! That's the only logical explanation. I tried a few products too during the year. Below you will find the ones that I will buy again. I usually don't set goals for my hair,  but I  set some for 2015.
             This wash day linkup encouraged me to take better care of my hair. I went from hiding my hair under long-term protective styles to washing it more than twice a week sometimes. I met a bunch of new friends through the linkup, too. And I have learned so much from each and every single one of you. You inspire me! Thanks for all your comments, tips, and encouragements. See you in 2015!


    The Wash Day Experience
  1. I prepped my hair with pure Argan oil for about 30 minutes
  2. I washed my hair with Avalon Organics shampoo
  3. I conditioned with TREsemme moisture rich conditioner
  4. I forgot to brew my coffee for the rinse. So, it did not happen.
  5. I deep conditioned with a mixture of Pantene Pro-V truly natural + Argan oil +Extra virgin Olive Oil + Honey. 
  6. I rinsed my hair about  30 minutes later.
  7. I wrapped my hair with a T-shirt and let it absorb the water for about 5 minutes. 
  8. I used Avocado butter and Extra virgin olive oil to seal the moisture in.

Best Hair Styles of 2014

Wash Day: The Best Of 2014

Best New Products

My Hair Goals For 2015

  1. Grow out my edges
  2. Reach back length
  3. Oil my scalp every other day
  4. Wrap my hair before going to bed
  5. Incorporate more natural products
  6. T-shirt dry more often 
What are your hair goals for 2015? 
Wash Day: The Best Of 2014


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